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I am thinking of buying Pioneer SP-BS22-LR after viewing the comments from Amazon, but like to hear the advice from here (you experts!).   Anyone had it and able to share his/her experience and what is the recommended amplifier to pair with? Oh and I live in Singapore so an option with 240V powered amplifier is preferred. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
Do not know if this is the one you are looking for... Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 - Expands your music and movies into surround sound
Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 Onkyo has claimed that it is about to release the best USB soundcard 24/96khz around October 2008 which will capture the Laptop audiophile market. the SNR is 115 dB ..impressive for sure. EMU 0404 USB rated at 117dB SNR. EMU 02 Card BUS system to MicroDock M which rated at 120dB SNR.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonci I was told once, that the best Audio Equipment, are the one "made in England". This has been the crystal truth for me, for a long time. Not necessary. FM Acoustic is not made in England.
Quote: Originally Posted by texashorn91 The EMU 0404 is great for PC listening, and still well under $200. Second this, it seems Musician's Friend has an offer for EMU 0404 USB now.
All I can say is: Thanks you very much!!! Thanks you all for everything that you have done for us!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Khanate To give you an example, most zen micro's freeze on the startup screen and the only known fix is to hit it on the floor... Moderators "do not recommend this" but don't provide any other solutions. (This is by the way the problem that everyone is reporting) While you say most, perhaps I am those few lucky Zen Micro users did not encounter this? My Zen Micro has been with me for years.
Quote: Originally Posted by oicdn Indigo DJ hands down. I think the line out was cleaner and definitly more neutral than the EMU...the Indigo DJ line out is by far the most neutral and transparent sounding line-out of ANY device I've does absolutely nothing to the music...atleast to my ears... You have heard the EMU CardBus.
Quote: Originally Posted by zip22 cnet only got 8.6 hours from the stone (its rated for 10 hours with 64kbps WMA) they got 15 hours from the original shuffle and 15.8 hours from the new shuffle. Are they using the same songs for the testing?
Quote: Originally Posted by jtheby05 Just a quick question. I own a pair of HD595s. I ordered an EMU 0404usb today and will hopefully get it early next week Anyway, I was wondering if it would be worth purchasing an internal sound card. I am running off of an onboard (real tek) sound card right now. The reason I ask is because newegg currently has their Xtreme Gamer X-Fi card on sale for $90 (with mail in rebate). Would it really be worth getting...
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