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Has anyone tried a 128Gb microCDXC card in exFAT yet?
It has nothing to do with the file system. I just meant that the sound changed a bit with the new FW. BTW, now I hear a light hiss between songs. And yes, the wrong bitrate infi, if i press the Info icon. But it does not bother me. Something has definately changed with the sound, it might be the placebo effect, though. The good thing is my 64Gb cards in exFAT work perfectly. So, I've been thinking of getting a 128Gb one, or two:)
Finally, iRiver added exFat support. THANKS!!! I reformatted my 64gb cards, now i've been listening. I'd say the sound changed a bit - especially bass and soundstage expanded. How the heck they did it?
I use an Oyaide HPC-SE cable. The red one. I'd say the mids became more "loafy" and lush, attack improved a bit. And the highs became less harch, they became more "airy"
Tried the official 2.10 FW. Rolled back to 1.33+ Listrid patch. I don't know, but I like the "fleshy" sound more (both with Shure SE535ltd-J and ATH-ESW9). I do not really need the USB-DAC function, I'd better buy a full-sized DAC.  
I asked this question several pages before:)
Sorry for repeating the question, but has anybody noticed the difference b/w AK100 playing music and AK100 hooked up to USB for charging and playing music? I think some battery/power tweak and mods might be possible...
It's been decided - I'm staying with listrid patch-1:)
So, you prefered listrid 2.0, didn't you?:)
Any comparisons of the new offical FW to Listrid patch regarding SQ?   I'm a bit scared to update as who knows - maybe I'll not be able to go back to the Russian patch if I do not like the SQ...  
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