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i have a couple more questions concerning DAC's if i have a really crappy cd player and use a really awesome DAC will that make the sound quality as good a really expensive hi end cd player? i guess what i'm really trying to say is; is the DAC the defining factor between hi quality sound and low quality sound? also would a low quality turntable benifit from a DAC. i know this is probably a stuid question considering that turntables are already analog (right?). ...
wow you guys are awesome. especially hugz. thank you.
ok, i'm going crazy here trying to figure out what a DAC is for. i'm probably not even in the right forum. whatever. so after a long furstrating search to find information with finding nothing more than a definition, i'm just going to come right out and ask the question "what is a DAC for? what does it do? why would i need it, ect." i know it stands for Digital Analog converter. that much i discovered. I have a cd source, a headphone amp, and a pair of headphones which...
based on sound quality and performance quality i would have to say choral moods, bach cello suites by edgar meyer, andrea bocelli sacred arias, 24 caprices by perlman, bach sonatas and partitas by paul galbraith (my personal favorite solo classical guitar album)
i like this thread
would connecting a decent headphone amp to the stereo amp output inprove the sound or would that just be over kill?
can a good stereo amp with a headphone jack serve as an adaquate headphone amp? I tried it with the system we have at work with my Senn HD 600's and it sounded pretty good to me. I'm not expert by anymeans though. I'm sure this question has been addressed before but i couldn't find anything in the search.
I used my Creek OBH 11 headphone amp connected to a Sony SCD CE775 CD Player (connected by RCA kimber cables) while using Sen HD 600's and i could not tell the difference when i used this setup and when i just plugged the headphones right into the headphone jack of the cd player. To my ears they sounded exactly the same. Is this amp a waste of money?
that guy should have used a better chair.
oh yeah one more thing. i have an ipod. i created mp3s using the presets standard, extreme, and insane (all the same song) and they all sound the same to me. i use ety's er-4ps (no amp). is it my ears or is it just the mp3 player?
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