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Quote: Originally Posted by Calexico Obviously I want comfort (who doesn't) but as I said, as long as they can last at least an hour, SQ is my primary concern. I don't care about the size either. I just said I was looking for full-sized because they tend to sound the best and I didn't want any IEM recommendations. I have yet to try these, but I have very similar demands to yourself, and after more than a week researching i came up with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Al4x ... i dont think the probiotics can do any good, bacteria replenish so rapidly that the ones you drink wont really make a difference, and if for some reason your killing the native ones off adding a few isnt gonna change the fact that the ones in you are already dying, you cant compensate for that, also stomach acid is pretty acidic lol Yeah, it's kind of like throwing a couple random animals (bacteria) into a...
Thank you very much indeed. I was unable to test before soldering as I have fried a soundcard doing something similar before (who knew static when unplugging headphones could fry a sound card ) and didn't wanna take that risk with my friends laptop. Works just perfectly, thanks FallenAngel.
Lo all, my mic plug got ripped off, so I am trying to fix it. After searching I still do not know exectly what to do. I would be very grateful if someone here could advise me on what goes where. Thanks very much. (I hope this is the right section! ) Here is a pic:
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