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I wasn't aware of the topic. Thanks, i also posted there.
I didnt saw this thread and posted a new topic here with my reviews;   I can copy here if anyone wants.
Nowadays, T-Peos renewed their H-100 entry level hybrid with H-100 II. They sent me one for introduction of this new IEM and I think this is an opportunity to review and tell about these to head-fi. I learned a lot from here and it is time for me to pay back.   I started to like hybrid IEMs with Tralucent 1plus2 and after then I tried to experience hybrid IEMs as much as possible. I can say that I mostly liked H200 and H300, therefore I was curious to try H-100...
I have a brand new in box Hifiman HE-6 for sale. This is never used, never opened. Got it for my debt owed and as I have Audeze LCD-3, I dont need it at the moment.   I am looking for 990USD. --- PENDING PAYMENT --- This prices includes worldwide registered shipping and paypal fees.
I know, I opened there, just asked because they are brand new and from distributor. But I have them and they dont have invoice. Anyway, it is against rules, mods can delete this and the post above.   Thanks.
I have some HRT Music Streamer II+ and HD s that I got them for my debt. I am considering to give very cheap prices.   I wonder if it is against rules for posting here prices for these?
I have 2 units of HRT Music Streamer HD Digital to Analogue Converter. Both are brand new in box, never used, never opened.   Shipped with registered post to worldwide, free of charge.   Feel free to ask any questions of you need or your offer. If you need more than 2, let me know, may be I can arrange.
I am selling my T-Peos H200 + Copper Upgrade Cable. I am the first owner. It is in excellent condition, like new.   For sale, or looking for a trade another IEM. I want to try something new.   I am looking for a trade another iem. Or I'm also willing to sell them. Trade or sell, worldwide registered shipping will be paid by me.   I will add cable pics soon  
Thanks for the answers guys.   It was like no battery inside the device. Even if it turns on, it was turning off when I remove the charger. A curious friend of mine opened the back (again) and I think he placed everything firm and somehow problem is gone.   It is turning on and off at the moment. I am burning it in 
Hi all,   I got a brand new HM901 today. But I have problems/questions about it.   Now I am charging it, when I try to turn it on, a battery comes to screen and after goes. Does it mean it charges? And when I disconnect the charge cable and turn it on, nothing happens. (I dont have an sd card inside)   How many hours did you charge the player to turn it on?   I hope it is not a faulty unit.
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