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I was the first owner.   But sorry, sold yesterday.
I am totally interested. It will be a great opportunity!
Thanks guys. I thought it is small and useful. I will get cck asap then.
Does this work with Hugo?  
Is there recommended ones or standart ones are enough? Does cheap ones on ebay or something elsewhere work?
I got my Hugo a few days ago. But I couldnt solved bluetooth static issue. I use iPhone 6.   Is there a solution for bluetooth? Or do i have to use it wired?
I am selling my Burson Conductor for further adventures. It is like brand new, only a very very little thing (I cant say scratch) on the top, visible on the photo.   This is not the SL or Virtuoso version, this is the first classic version.   Looking for 1200USD including REGISTERED shipping worldwide and paypal fees. I will consider reasonable offers.
I have an Audeze LCD-3 for sale. This is almost like brand new. No nicks or chips.   Only a connector of cable is renewed by me as it caused connecting problems. No outer paper box, this will come with travel case and all other standart accesorries.   Looking for SOLD   I dropped the price as it is not fazor version. Audeze upgrades this version to Fazor for 275USD and takes a week or so.   This price includes REGISTERED shipping worldwide and PayPal fees. 
I am selling my DT770 600 ohm as I have too many headphones and too little time.   This DT770 is 600 ohm Premium version with gel pads and ZXAC cable. Gel pads are a little yellowish but it is perfectly usable. Head band would be better if changed.   I am looking for 200USD.   This price includes REGISTERED worldwide shipping cost.
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