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I did. I wrote my initial findings in this thread:   And also in the 'Grado modders go magnum' thread:   My love for these headphones is still as strong as the first time I put them on. haven't had any urges to upgrade ever since. 
gay as in: happy? ;)
Ok thanks :) So to sum up (V3,5 & V4 compared): - V3,5: more forward/shouty midrange, more treble - V4: more bass (across the whole low-freq range?), deeper soundstage   Is this correct?
Ok. Well, then you have something to look forward to, when money's less tight ;)   Let me know when you've moved (and if you need a helping hand with moving, let me know), we should meet. And let's continue in PM's; don't want the whole world to interfere with our personal lives ;)
It could be me, but where does FWJ stand for? full woody something?
Nick! You NEED these!!
Told you so ;)  
you will be amazed
I have that case with Grado on it. So you can choose ;)
I'm still actively enjoying the mod and will be for years to come, so you don't hear me complaining :)
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