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Yes! I liked the K701 five years back, but sold it due to too little bass weight and it was too airy for my taste. The K712 Pro with the bass mod checks about all of the boxes for me it seems, so far (bought them 1 week ago). The K712 Pro's have me tapping my feet - a feat that the K701 never offered.
I did. I wrote my initial findings in this thread:   And also in the 'Grado modders go magnum' thread:   My love for these headphones is still as strong as the first time I put them on. haven't had any urges to upgrade ever since. 
gay as in: happy? ;)
Ok thanks :) So to sum up (V3,5 & V4 compared): - V3,5: more forward/shouty midrange, more treble - V4: more bass (across the whole low-freq range?), deeper soundstage   Is this correct?
Ok. Well, then you have something to look forward to, when money's less tight ;)   Let me know when you've moved (and if you need a helping hand with moving, let me know), we should meet. And let's continue in PM's; don't want the whole world to interfere with our personal lives ;)
It could be me, but where does FWJ stand for? full woody something?
Nick! You NEED these!!
Told you so ;)  
you will be amazed
I have that case with Grado on it. So you can choose ;)
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