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Yup, second time I'm selling these . Pretty much brand spankin' new, purchased in August 05 from guitar center, but didn't put it in my comp until last month or so. I have the original box and all the accessories, will include some radio shack 1/4th -> RCA cables with the card. Looking for $80 shipped within the continental US. I accept paypal. my feedback Thanks for looking. SOOOOOOOOOLD
Thanks for the help, I ended up cutting up some small pieces of straw for the snug fit. Will probably call up Sennheiser tommorow to see if I can get the part replaced, until then it's a bit unasthetic, but gets the job done.
Quote: Originally Posted by Voltron I have to admit I don't fully understand your post and I am not sure what you mean by "connector pins make contact with another" or "the outer cup's connecter housing may be too stripped." I also don't know if v.1 connectors were different, so ignore me if I am being too obvious, but mine look like the ones in your pics. I don't have my phones with me to check, but it does not look like the Zu is fully seated in the...
Just recieved a v2 from Zu Cables after sending in my v1 for repairs.However, I'm having alot of trouble getting a snug fit with the v2, the connector pins make contact with another, but the fit is very loose in comparison to stock. I can only get one "click" when I insert the cable, I fear that the outer cup's connecter housing may be too stripped. My connectors have already be 'de-virginized' by the original v1 connectors, but the v2s just seem near impossible to...
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Purchased a Zu Birth power cord from Zack. I haven't received it yet, but he gets my thumbs up just for the early shipping ( shipped the same day I sent payment !!). Will update this post once I receive the power cord. Edit: Got the cord today, extremely fast shipping. Thanks again.
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