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ya thats where I ordered mine. back in april they were selling HD-580s for 120 WITH A $15 rebate so = $105.. what a steal
I WISH I didn't get influenced by this review back then " Build Quality - Unlike those breakable Koss’s I experienced a few years ago, these headphones seem to be well made. I think they would last the average consumer who takes care of their headphones many years. And remember, Koss has a lifetime warranty on their headphones! You pay the shipping, but they’ll repair it for Free, (remember to save your receipt)!...
my main gripe with the a-250s is that theres just not enough "anything" in it, not enough sound stage, everything feels distant, bass leaves something to be desired especially if you consider the size of these cans ( seriously, they make you look like megaman ), the ohm impendence is fairly low too. and other from that, the headphone "detachment device" keeps falling off and I find myself having to superglue it back once every couple months.
oh brother.. decisions decisions HD 580 + headsave transit from + maudio revolution = $380 HD 590 + M audio revolution = $255. or i can save up for a 9800 xt
edit: im an idiot
thanks for the suggestions, but I have another question. in the current state right now, the hd 580s and 590 are about the same price ( hd 580 being $160 and 590 being $150 ), would the sound quality *still* be decent with the hd 580 + maudio even though I don't meet the ohm impendence? By decent I mean.. equal or better then the hd 590, seeing how I will probably have to save for 2 months or so before I can afford a decent amp.
I've been lurking for a while, and lately I've been getting "sick" of my current set up ( koss a-250s with nvidia soundstorm ). Anyways, I'm looking for a good all around set up for $250. I'm mainly going to be listening to music directly off my computer, and I've narrowed it down to several options. HD 590 + M audio revolution ( $255 ) HD 580 ( $150 on etronics ) + ??? Grado SR-125 ( which vendor sells these cans? ) + M audio revolution. Out of these, which...
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