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The video will probably be available for purchase via google video in a couple of days.
Yeah, it's kind of a bummer that the earlier FF osts are mostly midi based, I would love a full orchestra remake of the FF7 soundtrack. My favorite albums are the FFIX soundtrack and the 20020220 concerto ( although I could have done without the commentary ).
Bought a Grado HF-1 from Pete, shipping was extremely fast across the country ( NY -> CA ), kept great communication and was easy to deal with. Thanks again.
Guitar Center, Frys. edit: blah.
Snapple Apple; but the other 95% of the time, ice cold water .
Update: I finally received my new unstripped housings from Sennheiser Co, unfortunately this did NOT fix the problem, the connection is as loose as before. Seems the problem is completely cable side.
Similar experience here, my Mobius had some small cosmetic flaws that would drive my OCD side insane, sent them an email on the situation and said they would replace the cable. 5 days later I'm holding a new Zu Mobius in my hands, sweet.
Quote: Originally Posted by jeffjazz I have had a problem with my remote control. It only works if I aim it to the left of the player and with a very small window. I believe it is the remote that has the problem and not the CD player. I have emailed Snowy a few moths ago and he said to send it back. I wondered if there was anyone near Delaware with a Eastsound, so I could determine it was a remote problem (transmit) and not receiving problem. Also...
Massive Attack - Mezzanine ; Definite must have if you're a bass head, or if you enjoy trip hop ( which in that case you would already own it ). The definitive BASS album. Aimee Mann - Lost in Space ; My favorite pop album, no cutesy crap, songs are catchy and well written. Great recording as well, I've yet to hear it sound "bad" on any system. Radiohead - Hail to the thief ; Not my favorite RH album, but easily the most well recorded. At least top 5 in redbook...
Sale pending.
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