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Putting this back up again. I've owned this source for just over a year now, originally purchased it from Spaceman back in December 2004. Its stereo-outputs are modified by, a list of the mods can be seen here, note: I'm pretty sure it has an LC Audio LClock X02, since it was modified early 2004. None the less it's a great sounding source, I've used it for over a year till I upgraded to my CD-E5. Included is the remote, and I'll throw in a couple...
Earbuds or IEMS? There are a ton of IEMS that offer better sound quality than the Portapro ( E4,E5, UM2, ER4P/S, etc, etc ). But when it comes to earbuds it's pretty limited; mainly consisting of the Audio-Technica line. I remember back when the Ety E4RP/S was pretty much the only IEM available.. oh how times have changed
Edit: Nm!
Quote: Originally Posted by socrates63 #283 arrived today. I believe I'm the third owner but they're in pristine condition. (It pays to stay up past 1 am scouring the F/S forum... pretty sad, eh?) 4th actually, those HF-1s have quite alot of air miles.
I sold my HF-1 to Young, very courteous PMs, fast payment. Simply a pleasure to do business with. Thank you
I haven't really bothered to check my spam mail ( who does ), but this is just out there. There's not even a product advertisement in the actual mail, outside of the email title. Quote: SAVE 82% VALIU*, ATIVA*, LEVITR*, MERIDI* & ALL POPULAR MEDICATIONS, NO QUESTION ASKED young Spam Shena Opal to me More options Jan 26 (23 hours ago) force is filled. drew night not. slow anybody teach my. servants corner supposedto raise...
Of all the headphones I've heard around $100 : SR60, SR80, V6, CD780, HD570, E3C, E2, HD555, HD590; my overall favorite would have to be the HD555s, the sound signature reminds me alot of what I like in my reference system: forward, dynamic, airy, but at the same time non-fatiguing and very smooth.
Quote: Originally Posted by Canman Regard your heritage and culture with honor. There is nothing wrong with having a chinese name. Just go by your nickname for everyday use if that makes it easier. It's not that, just a convinence issue.
Bought a emu 0404 from me, payment was prompt and communication was pie. Thanks!
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