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Lately I haven't been using my HD650s much because of ergonomics, it's current placement in my listening area doesn't allow for comfortable positioning, and I'm finding myself using the ATH A900s more due to convenience. I purchased these HD650s shortly after Sennheiser released the model, they've had their drivers replaced once by Sennheiser in early 2005. You may have read in the Cable/tweaks forums that I had a problem getting a good fit with the Mobius, this problem...
I haven't been using these much at all lately, and my ears lust for some ATH woodies. I've owned these for roughly one year, originally purchased from earphonesolutions back in late 2004. My original pair had a slight channel imbalance so I sent them back to shure for a replacement mid 2005, so technically these are about 6~ months old. I don't recall if the E3Cs came with a 1/8th->1/4th adapter, but unfortunately I don't have that part. The foamies are quite used...
Bump. The modifications themselves retail for $362 + shipping!
Quote: Originally Posted by tennisets I refues to do drugs, but I feel like music accomplishes the same goal for mer, so I guess basically music is my drug. But if you think you're "addictned" t omuisc, as in it's actually preventing you from doing other things hou need to be doing, then I'd say maybe you should try to miplement a sort of "self rehab" program for yourself, where maybe you limitl yoursler to a certain amount of music per day? If music...
Sold me his ATH-A900s, fast shipping and well packed, a pleasure to do business with ! thank you.
January 5th . Boogers.
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