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I ordered on 1/5/06. No shipping notification, no e-mail, and it still says "pending" when I log into my account :\.
Sold him my E3Cs, prompt payment and good communication. Thanks again.
No longer need these as I got close headphones for my PC. Excellent condition, I purchased these from the whole digitallyunique HD580->HD555 fiasco. I ended up liking the sound so I didn't bother to return them. However, my PC is quite loud so my A900s have replaced the HD555s. Original box, documentation, 1/4th->1/8th all included. I'm asking for $85 usd shipped within the ConUS, paypal please. ******I won't have access to my computer until this weekend, so...
The AT woody lust has finally taken me over, I'm looking for a W5000 in excellent condition. PM me if you have one available.
Bump, will throw in a free set of Analog Research Gold Rainbow ICs.
I sold my Silver Dragon sennheiser cable to Applebook, payment was prompt and communication was good.
Not splitting them ATM, already have buyers interested in the package.
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