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PMed you. Leme know!
Price drop to $160!!!!!!!!!
Late, late bump. This is still available! I'm not looking to split the package, postage would be too much. PLEASE E-MAIL ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, DO NOT PM ME ON HEAD-FI, I DO NOT CHECK THIS SITE OFTEN ENOUGH TO RESPOND IN A TIMELY MANNER. My email is , thanks!
Hello head-fi, it's been a while . I brought this DS with me to Shanghai thinking that I would play it once in a while, but really it hasn't seen any use since I came, and I could use the money else where. I have no camera on me, so I'll do my best to describe the condition. I would rate the DS a 8/10, micro scratches on the outershell due to regular use. The interior is pretty much new though, no scratches on the screen and all the buttons work fine. The L+R shoulder...
Still available, huge price drop and near final bump. Will have a friend ship this from CA as I am currently in Shanghai.
Bump. Still available
Bump, price drop.
Bump, still available.
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