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Hi everyone,   Just like title says, i'm just looking for earbuds that are compatible with the xbone. Any advice would be great. I currently have Turtle Beach XO's but over ears just don't cut it for me anymore since i like taking one off from time to time. Any help would be great. 
Hi Head-Fi,   I travel frequently and want to try something new from my standard pair of Westone 3's. Especially during the next flight out to asia soon. I'm looking for a pair of Noise Canceling headphones to test out and compare. Preferably a pair of Denon AH-NC800's but still interested in what people may have to offer.    Thanks!
Hi guys... I've had a pair of broken westone 3's for the past few months and i've decided to get a custom mold made from UM for them. The problem i have is the cable, it got snagged and tore near the y split.   UM is currently closed and i haven't ordered the headphones yet... but i'm going to see an audiologist for a seperate reason tomorrow and wanted to get custom molds made for my ears to send to them.   wondering if you guys had the instructions i needed to...
Hey Guys, TRADED! ALL DONE =)   I tried selling these a while ago but wasn't able to. I haven't had much use with them since i got my westone 3's. Up for sale is my Ultrasone ProLine 750's. I bought them brand new not too long ago and have barely had time to use them. Look at the pictures below i have pretty much no dents or dings. They've had about 60 hours of use with about 20 of them being burn in. I've taken very good care of them, i'm pretty anal about my...
Kyle has to be one of the easiest transactions i've ever had via forums so far. I am excited for my new sennheiser hd-25's! they sound amazing and he kept very good care of them. He is easy to communicate with and i had no problems at all. Enjoy the P2 and thanks for the trade Kyle!!
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I know i inquired earlier, but are these the newest versions or older ones?
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