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So, you need a way of amplifying the passive output signal that comes from a guitar.     My suggestion would be to use an iOS device + a guitar adapter.  That way, you can output to speakers or your headphone amp (or PA if you ever gig, lots of people do this).  And, you get a lot of different sounds/amps/pedals to play with.  
Whelp, crap.  3rd failure in 2 years.  The first happened 6mo in, the second another 6mo after that.  I thought I was in the clear, but now 11 months after the 2nd replacement, I have a failed left driver.  Again.  Always the left.  Not sure what is going on here.  Request sent to Audeze.  Very pissed off.  Will update with their response.
I have been unable to convince the UA202 to pass DD/DTS bitstreams through SPDIF without decoding it and just passing 2 channel PCM.  Maybe it'll be better on Windows 10, but I'm skeptical.  Have you had success?
That's correct, for DD/DTS sources.  If it's 2 channel 44.1khz/16-bit audio, I'd like the device to support outputting that format bit-perfect.  Like I said, the M-Audio transit does both of these, but the drivers are incredibly picky and causing maintenance problems in my home (wife can't use the machine when it comes back from sleep).
Thanks, PurpleAngel. A couple comments: 1)  USB is a requirement, hence the title.  No PCI cards, otherwise, this would be much easier.  2)  That DAC you listed on ebay never doesn't mention capabilities.  I already have 2 USB devices that have optical/coax outputs, but do not support SPDIF passthrough.  A lot of devices automatically resample to 48khz.  I want to avoid that phase and output 44.1khz/16-bit audio, which will be bit-perfect to my external processor.  3)  To...
 Yeah, it's a Windows Kodi machine (Win10 if it matters).  You're assuming the machine has an optical port at all.  It doesn't.  
I guess I'm not being as clear as I intended.  I apologize for that.     I don't care about DDL or DTS-Connect.  I'd prefer to just not alter the signal or package it in anyway.  I'd love my workflow to look like the following: Music:  44.1khz/16-bit MP3/AAC/FLAC -> USB Device -> Outputs 44.1khz/16-bit PCM 2 channel (no DSP) -> Optical/Coax -> Receiver/DAC Movies:  5.1 Dolby Digital/DTS signal -> USB Device -> SPDIF passthrough (no DSP) -> Optical/Coax -> Receiver...
I'm just looking for a simple digital transport that supports 44.1khz output and DD/DTS passthrough via optical or coax output.  I don't want to send audio TO a Kodi machine (poor wording on my part), but the device will CONNECT to the Kodi machine, outputting to an outboard DAC via coax or optical.  
I'm looking for a very simple USB 2.0 device that satisfies 3 simple requirements: 1)  Very basic (preferably generic) drivers 2)  Outputs 44.1khz natively (no resampling of native music files) 3)  Supports SPDIF passthrough of Dolby Digital/DTS audio   Basically, it's going to a Kodi machine that plays both movies and music.  The movies are all either in 2.0 48khz audio (in which case, I'd be fine with a resampling stage if necessary) and 5.1 DTS/DD audio and I'd...
I'm curious to hear what folks are using as their EQ settings.     I felt the headphones were a bit bass (<80hz) anemic and Tyll's graphs confirm.  I like a little extra myself, so I bumped it up by about 7dB at 60hz (Q-width 1.0) and also upped around 5khz by about 4dB (Q-width 3.0).  Everything is lowered with a -9dB gain so we don't clip.   I know EQ can be a dirty word around these parts, so if you're going to tell me I'm wasting my time EQing, don't bother.  In my...
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