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I have this issue in one of my rooms due to using powerline network adapters.  Are you using those?  If so, disconnect and try playing music again.  
 I demanded they pay shipping back/forth.  My LCD-3s were/are in warranty, but they were willing to pay shipping.  You just have to ask/demand.
 So why are you here?  The tweaks DBT-free forum is 20 pixels above this from the forum homepage.  Go there if you want to make unsubstantiated claims.  I don't care what you think, what you used to think, what your "audiophile friend" thinks, what he was surprised about, or your emotions.  Couldn't possibly care less.  I care about the data.  You've provided none.  Bye.
Software engineer here.   You're gonna have to detail, and I mean detail, what "dedicated file copier software means."  If I use Windows standard copy within Explorer, a Python script that copies the file over directly, or a C++ program that copies the bits over directly via its own (let's assume custom) buffering mechanism, they're all going to be calling into the same exact operating system API that interfaces with motherboard controller and harddisk firmware to copy...
No, I haven't called sales because I don't have time to go bouncing department to department trying to figure out if Audeze has repaired my headphones, where they are, etc.  They're not responding to me through their support system.  That's utterly unacceptable.  There's no two ways about that.   I've seen a bit of them discussing the failures, but mine were repaired just after they should have the new film and they still failed.  To be honest, I don't care about their...
FYI all, I have e-mailed Consumerist with my concerns and issues I've been dealing with and seeing.  I've pasted the e-mail I've sent them below (personal information redacted):   Consumerist folks, I purchased a pair of headphones made by an American headphone manufacturer known for high-end, boutique products, Audeze.  Audeze produces planar magnetic headphones, which is a type of transducer somewhat different from conventional speakers or headphones.  The headphones I...
So, you need a way of amplifying the passive output signal that comes from a guitar.     My suggestion would be to use an iOS device + a guitar adapter.  That way, you can output to speakers or your headphone amp (or PA if you ever gig, lots of people do this).  And, you get a lot of different sounds/amps/pedals to play with.  
Whelp, crap.  3rd failure in 2 years.  The first happened 6mo in, the second another 6mo after that.  I thought I was in the clear, but now 11 months after the 2nd replacement, I have a failed left driver.  Again.  Always the left.  Not sure what is going on here.  Request sent to Audeze.  Very pissed off.  Will update with their response.
I have been unable to convince the UA202 to pass DD/DTS bitstreams through SPDIF without decoding it and just passing 2 channel PCM.  Maybe it'll be better on Windows 10, but I'm skeptical.  Have you had success?
That's correct, for DD/DTS sources.  If it's 2 channel 44.1khz/16-bit audio, I'd like the device to support outputting that format bit-perfect.  Like I said, the M-Audio transit does both of these, but the drivers are incredibly picky and causing maintenance problems in my home (wife can't use the machine when it comes back from sleep).
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