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I have a great condition Meridian Explorer V1 for sale.   100 dollars shipped ConUS and paypal fees included. Anywhere else extra.
I have for sale a like new Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBL (Blue and Brown Leather version). I am the original owner and only wore it a few times. I currently only have the headphones and no accessories or box. 120 shipped ConUS and paypal fees included. Shipped anywhere else is extra.
I have for sale a HRT MicroStreamer which works perfectly fine but it does have some scratches and nicks.    80 dollars shipped and paypaled ConUS, anywhere else extra.
I have a good condition little dot mk 3 for sale. It comes with eh-pi tubes ($70), Vokshod tubes, and pair of Mullards. I had this for about a year and bought it off another head-fier. There are no problems with the amplifier and it works perfectly fine. Paypal fees covered and shipping is free in the USA anywhere else is extra. 
I am selling a DACmini CX in great condition with the following mods:   1) black anodized coating 2) variable output 3) gain of 10   This would cost you 1099.99 brand new off the Centrance website without shipping fees.   I will be selling it for $500 including free shipping in ConUS and paypal fees.   Thanks you and feel free to pm me with any questions.
Please let me know if you have a little dot mk3 tube amplifier in great condition for sale.   PM your price if you are willing to part with it.   Thank you.
Hi I'm selling a Dacport LX with a wireworld usb cable. Box is included. Free shipping ConUS and no paypal fees.    PM me for any questions.
I have an excellent condition Burson Soloist SL for sale. Free shipping ConUS and No paypal fees.   PM for any details.
I have for sale a Dacport that comes with an excellent 21 inch Kimber USB Cable. A slight nick in the back you can see in the picture.   175 Shipped ConUS with Paypal fees covered. Anywhere else is going to be extra.
Is it just me or does this girl look like Mary Lynn Rajskub from "Dude, Where's My Car?"    
New Posts  All Forums: