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Where are you guys getting your IE800 from? I've looked at several online dealers and they don't list them in stock.
Selling my pair of Audeze LCD 3 along with a 6ft DoubleHelix MacroMolecule 8-wire Headphone Cable balanced terminated in XLR. Both bought in Dec 2011. Both original cables are intact in the box. Headphone is barely used even since I acquired a pair of full-range speaker. Also stored in the wood box that came with it in a smoke-free/humidity-controlled environment.   Asking for $1800, inclusive of shipping within the 48 contiguous states and paypal fees. I'm located...
Direct from PS Audio. It's $1000 off with free bridge but you got to trade in a DAC of any make/model/value.
Finally decided to bit the bullet and order the PWD mk2. They're having a sale now!
USB converters Anedio U2 (1) Audiophileo (1) Halide Bridge (3) KingRex UC384 32/384 Async USB Converter with AES/EBU (1) Music Fidelity VLink 192 (2) Stello U3 (4) USBridge 192 (1) Yulong U18 Asynchronous 24bit 192khz USB Digital Interface (1) Budget/Entry level (Below $1000): Ack DAC 1.0 (1) Audio-GD DAC19DF (1) Audio-GD NFB 1.32 (1) Audio-GD NFB 11.32 (2) Audio-GD NFB-2 (1) Audio-GD NFB-2.32 (3) Audioengine D1(1) Audiolab M-DAC (5) Audioquest...
Is this sold?
I bought this Macbook Air new on 12/15/2010 fully upgraded with all the options, processor and ram. Never had a problem with it since day 1.     2.13 Ghz Core2 Duo Processor 4 GB RAM 256 GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce 320M Graphics Apple warranty until Dec 2011 All original accessories      Asking for $1200 OBO shipped within the US. Accepting only verified paypal. I will ship them with the apple packaging. I am also accepting local sales, am in the San...
Just saw this thread, hopefully I'll be able to attend. My setup are barely done since moving to the bay area recently but I can help with taking pictures.
First season of Zero no Tsukaima is the best among the 3 seasons, due to the change in director if i'm not wrong for the next 2 episodes which filled the anime with full of fan services..
Watched the first episode of Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi yesterday and I would say my first impression of the show is pretty good. The Narrator by Satomi Arai (Shirai Kuroko - Toaru Kagaku no Railgun) do spice up the episode though I find that it's not for everyone's taste. The main protagonist, Ryōko Ōkami keeps reminding me of Taiga Aisaka from Toradora! though.
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