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pm sent for the entire rig
Curra...what is the name/brand of that isolation transformer type of device in the picture from the Tokyo festival?
Tried 'em all and by far the best is the Fostex 900. Has Grado fun factor, but better bass and none of the brightness...perfect for Hugo.
Can someone recommend a good USB isolator for between a laptop and the Hugo. Right now, my optical out from the AK100 sounds much better...but the AK, has limited storage.
+ 1 on the TH900. I did compare my Hugo with them and Audeze X and LCD 3. All three good. TH900 better bass (more fun). I find all Audeze just too heavy for extended listening, but that's me. My only quest now is to better Hugo's internal amp with the Fostex (not easily accomplished and perhaps a waste of energy). I lost an auction for some Eddie Current stuff that might be nice, but those amps are more money than the Hugo itself and not portable. So, AK100 or 120 (or the...
Could you compare the Fostex to the HE560 please and perhaps the Oppo? The 560's are the only high end phone I haven't tried; and they are supposed to be lighter than the other planar magnetics.
Try the TH900 Fostex. Hard hitting bass, can be driven loud by Hugo and still have "flagship" accuracy. While they are not quite as good as my Stax 007 system; using the two in the same sentence is in itself a testament to the TH900, as the Stax phones are $2K + dedicated amp. I much preferred these to the HD800 because of the bass and efficiency.
Momentum is good, but so are your P7's...I use them when I want to look more "portable". If you can raise your budget up a bit ($1200) you are into the a whole 'nother league with the TH900 though. 
Just curious what you are playing your Bluerays through (an Oppo?)...and is there any you would recommend from an audiophile perspective?
Yes and know (pun intended)...bad Redbook still sounds bad. Well-mastered Redbook is amazing though. When all the links in your chain are strong (Hugo, good headphones, good source/transport) it all comes down to the mastering engineer. That's why Cookie's stuff (Blue Coast Records) all sounds so good...if her name appears as the mastering engineer ...then the only thing I need to worry about is whether I like the musicians...and that's the way it should be.
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