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Best check with your insurer as home insurance may or may not cover higher value goods.
A little too rich for me especially given its size....I guess each to his or her own. 
 Probably leather case for Hugo.
I have no issue re: DSD skipping either. 
Something like this one:,d.ZWU&cad=rja
 Using a large camera lens blower you can get rid of all the dust. Then you can use slightly damn cloth (lint free cloth) to wipe the pads.
Very sad news. 
hykhleif - I am not sure Hugo has the signature you are after - overly warm and thick. Apart from TH900, could try HD650. I wouldn't dismiss HD650 without trying it - it is known for its smooth warm characteristics. BTW it might help a little by leaving the psu plugged in.
kayandjohn - Congratulation and looking forward to your pics when you received them!
 Thank you!!
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