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Will be there on 29th!
Tried out Samsung Note 4 phone bluetooth to Hugo and it seems to work fine without problem. Seems Hugo's bluetooth works ok with new devices (both Note 4 and ipad air 2).
Happy to report that bluetooth via iPad Air 2 seems working fine, no problem there. Obviously via usb or SPDIF sounds better.
Both iPad air 2 and Samsung note 4 worked fine with Hugo. My Note 4 with usb audio player pro has some gilthing - iPad function perfectly with onkyo app. Timing is better with Note 4 but everything else iPad is better. Sound wise I found iPad cleaner, clearer detail, more power/ bass. However it is a bit artificial. I think I prefer my terribly jitter noisy laptop which has better detail, delicate/ softness, presentation, 3D, more natural. If only there is no jitter/...
I think the music came from the 45 tubes but not clear why.
 How does Note 4 compares to other source feeding Hugo? Just trying to find shop with stock of Note 4 at the moment...
Maybe wait for the upcoming new version Chord QBD76? If Hugo is anything to go by, detail shouldn't distract musicality, if anything more like enhancing it.
I wouldn't say EML45 solid are tubey sounding in the traditional sense (i.e. warm & cuddly) - they are quite linear/ responsive/ reflective to drivers & source used. It has good speed, detail and bass (tight).
The EML 2A3S is available. http://www.jacmusic.com/
To put ear pad back on is pretty straight forward, just push & clip the pad onto the cup; there is a plastic ring with clips under the transparent plastic flab on the ear pad.   It is somewhat similar to remove/install ear pad on HD400: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6k2HsHdB-I
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