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For me, unless I use big usb cable like Curious or possible good optical (haven't tried), I would not bother with thin usb wire which doesn't sound right compare to blutooth. Things seem to sound bigger, decent detail & good bass extention via BT. Certainly recommends try out youtube with hugo/BT
I actual like hugo's Blutooth (with mobile & tablet) as it cuts out wire's inference. It is lossy here & there but oddly extension pretty good. I tend to use BT for general stuff like youtube & on the go. For more serious listening I use microRendu/ Curious usb for that.
Thank you very much TheAttorney for the inform! I am planning to run on Linux/ Ubuntu in hope to reduce over head on the CPU. Sadly I lost the free trial due to installation crashes...oh well
Thank you romaz! I am still undecided in term of CPU, either i5 or i7 with plenty RAM. Most likely I will not be doing over sampling or filter but will give it a try out of curiosity.
Hi romaz, I wonder what do you use for running HQP? And what operation system do you use for it? I am currently considering getting a NUC for HQP. Many thanks for your thoughts!
Comfort wise it is still a little heavy, although the headband and cups did good job in distributing the weight.
Try Selfridges
Hopefully there will be some reviews of combining microRendu & Intona. However it must be noted that microRendu is not an usb isolator type device, it is a renderer and it is feed via LAN cable from wifi rounter & server (NAS or NUC etc) which is much cleaner than pc etc. It is a different scenario to direct feeding from laptop via usb. I think sonore believes the psu to microRendu is the key to SQ.
microrendu has an in-built & improved version of Regen inside so i am not sure what is to gain (if any) by putting an addition usb isolator there...and yes I do have a microRendu so am awared of the usb output. Note microRendu cannot be connected directly to pc/mac, it must be connected to a wifi router (as it is a renderer).
Not sure what is USB isolator got to do with microRendu?
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