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Yes, they are very new, 296xx. Sorry no pic - I have sent them back for repair yesterday. The shop (Hifiheadphones) has been very nice and wanted to replace it but I declined as I don't want to go though long burn-in again. Other than that it works perfectly.   The problem I think is due to the small piece of self adhered white foam got loose and came out of its position - according to Senn. repair, it should be under the ball bearing or something.
Anyone experiencing problem with the headband doesn't hold the cups in position?  Or that a piece of white foam coming out between the gap when extending/ retracting the headband?
Well at least there won't be much plugging in with Hugo.... Maybe try it for couple of hours at the shop to get some idea on its sound then proceed from there.
Maybe able to double up and fried food on it given those hot tubes? 
I thought the "pre-set" is set at 2V?
As long as it doesn't end in a big heated burn-in debate which this type of thing tends to, then all is well.
 Perhaps topics on burn-in should go to another thread? A bit contested/ heated area...
Try Blue Coast or buy cheap samplers from Opus3 DSD. For DXD you could try 2L - they also do DSD but they are more like translates from DXD.
The coaxial hole is still small - thus best make sure coaxial cable fits before buy. The fix is for the audio output RCA holes which is now approx. 13 mm
Here are links to some of Rob's comments:
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