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Seems I am in luck too my uptone LPS1 had been shipped & hopefully get to me next week (international).
I am actually quite pleased by the fact that my sonicTransporter (small green computer) too runs cold
Agreed that they didn't make clear about the voltage. However I am not sure the uptone can be powered by LPS though (like circuit can't take it or something) - think it was mentioned on CA. So it is more a rough A-B compare of the 2 psu powering microRendu. Good idea re:using it upstream never the less - I will ask John to see what he thinks & whether it is safe to do so. Thanks!
Received my Paul Hynes SR3 7v (silver) LPS at long last lol! Burning it in now. Will be comparing it with Uptone LPS1 once it arrived later this month. With 7v LPS, the microRendu seems to stay cold unlike the ifi which is probably a good thing.
Does battery not weeken as you used up the charges? I mean like a reservoir as the water level reduces the pressure also lowered?
For me, unless I use big usb cable like Curious or possible good optical (haven't tried), I would not bother with thin usb wire which doesn't sound right compare to blutooth. Things seem to sound bigger, decent detail & good bass extention via BT. Certainly recommends try out youtube with hugo/BT
I actual like hugo's Blutooth (with mobile & tablet) as it cuts out wire's inference. It is lossy here & there but oddly extension pretty good. I tend to use BT for general stuff like youtube & on the go. For more serious listening I use microRendu/ Curious usb for that.
Thank you very much TheAttorney for the inform! I am planning to run on Linux/ Ubuntu in hope to reduce over head on the CPU. Sadly I lost the free trial due to installation crashes...oh well
Thank you romaz! I am still undecided in term of CPU, either i5 or i7 with plenty RAM. Most likely I will not be doing over sampling or filter but will give it a try out of curiosity.
Hi romaz, I wonder what do you use for running HQP? And what operation system do you use for it? I am currently considering getting a NUC for HQP. Many thanks for your thoughts!
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