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 Probably leather case for Hugo.
I have no issue re: DSD skipping either. 
Something like this one:,d.ZWU&cad=rja
 Using a large camera lens blower you can get rid of all the dust. Then you can use slightly damn cloth (lint free cloth) to wipe the pads.
Very sad news. 
hykhleif - I am not sure Hugo has the signature you are after - overly warm and thick. Apart from TH900, could try HD650. I wouldn't dismiss HD650 without trying it - it is known for its smooth warm characteristics. BTW it might help a little by leaving the psu plugged in.
kayandjohn - Congratulation and looking forward to your pics when you received them!
 Thank you!!
 It is UK stock, so warranty for 10 years!   Otherwise it will be expensive. 
Yes, they are very new, 296xx. Sorry no pic - I have sent them back for repair yesterday. The shop (Hifiheadphones) has been very nice and wanted to replace it but I declined as I don't want to go though long burn-in again. Other than that it works perfectly.   The problem I think is due to the small piece of self adhered white foam got loose and came out of its position - according to Senn. repair, it should be under the ball bearing or something.
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