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Tried out Samsung Note 4 phone bluetooth to Hugo and it seems to work fine without problem. Seems Hugo's bluetooth works ok with new devices (both Note 4 and ipad air 2).
Happy to report that bluetooth via iPad Air 2 seems working fine, no problem there. Obviously via usb or SPDIF sounds better.
Both iPad air 2 and Samsung note 4 worked fine with Hugo. My Note 4 with usb audio player pro has some gilthing - iPad function perfectly with onkyo app. Timing is better with Note 4 but everything else iPad is better. Sound wise I found iPad cleaner, clearer detail, more power/ bass. However it is a bit artificial. I think I prefer my terribly jitter noisy laptop which has better detail, delicate/ softness, presentation, 3D, more natural. If only there is no jitter/...
I think the music came from the 45 tubes but not clear why.
 How does Note 4 compares to other source feeding Hugo? Just trying to find shop with stock of Note 4 at the moment...
Maybe wait for the upcoming new version Chord QBD76? If Hugo is anything to go by, detail shouldn't distract musicality, if anything more like enhancing it.
I wouldn't say EML45 solid are tubey sounding in the traditional sense (i.e. warm & cuddly) - they are quite linear/ responsive/ reflective to drivers & source used. It has good speed, detail and bass (tight).
The EML 2A3S is available.
To put ear pad back on is pretty straight forward, just push & clip the pad onto the cup; there is a plastic ring with clips under the transparent plastic flab on the ear pad.   It is somewhat similar to remove/install ear pad on HD400:
You check the wire position on your plug and your main. Also you could use tester to check the wire position. Make sure you mark the side with red wire once you worked it out. 
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