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hd580, listening to winamp straight from the thinkpad: sometimes practicality wins
since when is buying a new computer a good solution to minor Windows issues? Mac's a great system but the internet would be a better place without most of its users.
see below, craiglester is right: go for home premium, it will work fine in a clean install.
It's a vulnerability of the Windows OS, where corruption of certain part of the the registry can bring up some issues. That's what system restore is for, and it should fix it by loading a backup of the registry. The registry being a file on your harddisk, an issue there could bring this up. When my hdd died, this was one of the issues, but you're sure to see more stuff go wrong when that happens. It's most likely something just went wrong writing settings to the registry,...
Have it happen to me about two times ever.. not sure, but I guess some essential keys in the registry got corrupted.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wham City wow, freaky!
Quote: Originally Posted by arnesto My co-worker was talking about this exact same thing yesterday. I believe you need to replace Vista with Windows XP to fix that problem. Nonsense, not true. Where did you get that from? There is a 32bit browser right there!
Short answer: No need to download anything, just look for the non-64bit Internet Explorer (should be under start->all programs) and you'll be fine.
I use the combo of Nikon's ViewNX for viewing/selecting, and CaptureNX for editing. I love that it's very easy to learn and just uses your folder structure.
Quote: Originally Posted by hew No arguement there Indeed. Mindmaps are a great tool, but Buzan takes it one step too far...
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