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I'm sticking with XP till 7 comes out. It doesn't use every last ounce of RAM (got 4 in there), but XP doesn't need all that either. XP 64bit is a good option as long as you're sure you've got your drivers covered. Most stuff is ok (nvidia, amd, intel, other big brands), but soundmax audio drivers can be hard to find. On laptops it's probably not such a good idea as they're specific hardware is not always supported. Vista is much better with 64bit driver support.
Took a while to get over the price issue, but my Oakley Square Wires are one of the best investments ever.
What kind of screens do you guys have on these things? The only X (a 61) I've ever sat behind was 1024x768 and it just felt like 1995 all over again But man, they're nice toys. Expensive too...
Quote: Originally Posted by Calexico Pretty much anything by Studio Ghibli/their major directors is great. They are the best. I don't really 'get' most other anime, aside form Serial Experiments Lain, which is just brilliantly confusing and weird. But studio Ghibli movies are amazing magical fairytales I bet everyone would like. Love all of them
Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong geez, i was kidding. playing the Apple fanboy stereotype. besides, even if i was serious, it's not to fix the problem it's to avoid it altogether. wow, wonder why that was not obvious? and thanks for the extremely useful input. no really. learned a lot.
lol, thats brilliant. I put a tie-wrap around my left earbud's wire since the markings have worn off. would keep yours like they are though (little tape on the wire perhaps), they're unique!
Quote: Originally Posted by PG21 Usually I just walk to the beat and sometimes bob my head. yup, all the time. peeps that look just jealous of the tunes in my head
hd580, listening to winamp straight from the thinkpad: sometimes practicality wins
since when is buying a new computer a good solution to minor Windows issues? Mac's a great system but the internet would be a better place without most of its users.
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