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the expodisc looks a bit colorless, the incandescent setting seems to look much more like it probably looked to the eye...more natural yeah. just to reply myself, the 50mm does indeed rock my boat man, it looks so chunky on my D40, it a fistful of camera shots so far (the cat mostly) are great too.
The 'not-real' shutter of the D40 does get you a faster flash sync though it does seem to work pretty real too. I think it's a brilliant little package as the kit lens is also pretty decent and together it's not quite pocketable but you can carry it with easy from one or two fingertips. However, onze you start to look at more lenses, and you will want something faster than 3.5-5.6 at some point, the more expensive D80 and up will work with cheaper lenses. Sounds backwards...
Quote: Originally Posted by obobskivich oh, and just to be the fly in the ointment, triple channel Triple channel is nice, but I doubt the OP would need more than 4GB the next 5 years. 2GB has been the standard for three years now, and while the low price is driving everybody to go 3GB or over I'd say hardly anyone will actually use that. Issues raised by fordgtlover are nice, but I doubt you are going to actually notice stuff like that. At 2...
now more than 5 years ago, it matters what you do with it. unless you're doing computationally heavy stuff (gaming, heavy photo or video editing), chances are you're harddisk will be a bottleneck and a quadcore will be overkill. Anything over 2GHz will be fine if it's a newer chip. I think it would be smarter, if you don't do the high requirements stuff, to go a bit cheaper on the specs and spend on stuff you will enjoy. Like a 24" display or low-noise components.
They check the serial number. So they don't have to deal with this kind of stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance i am tossing up between 600, 800 and 900 What I get form reading is that the advantages of the 800 and 900 lie mostly with the ability to use them to command other flashes (aside from power). If you have only one, the 600 will do. Ken Rockwell has a comparison, and while I hate the way he puts his opinions, it does put the specs next to each other in a comprehendable way.
Quote: Originally Posted by obobskivich words cannot make my point lol Jedi beat ninja's though. However, both lack ladies. MTV-gangsta's all the way
I don't get it? Whats so special about a dude playing a lot of notes on a 12 string? I'll take Kaki King any day when it comes to amazing guitar skills: I actually like her music. + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.
Hm, nice: the forum has been a bit too wide, especially with more and more people moving to smartphones and netbooks. Still need to fix the top off the page though, it is much wider than it needs to be (like, move the text about amazon and the featured blog below the banners). Anyway, great job Jude
man, the web was terrible back then...headroom even more so
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