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The pick for best is easy: Radiohead - Kid A Runner up though... There are so many I loved this past decade... Aimee Mann - Lost in Space Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People Evagelista - Hello Voyager Portishead - Third Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun But the most amazing show was Kaki King this year, blew me away. So her most interesting album, Until We Felt Red is my runner up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stitch Also started "The Dark Tower II - The Drawing of the Three" by Stephen King last year but that isnt gettin along much... I quit somewhere halfway part III... story just didn't work for me. Reading: The Making of the Atomic Bomb. Must read for anyone with any scientific interest! I'm almost through its 800+ pages and kinda wondering what next... Perhaps another Hemingway...
Quote: Originally Posted by wanderman You should get a d40 + 35mm 1.8 and you will be golden. Small kit, fast glass, and super portable. I do this. It totally kills. To me, this is the passion setting : central focus point, aperture priority around f2.5, let the camera do the rest of the thinking, and I come home with brilliant shots of the party/vacation/younameit. with film though, you need no stinking settings Perhaps the M9 triggers...
I just wanna say I'm excited. Have been looking forward to this for years, but guess I missed the news that they were coming. Until today, when I read about it in the newspaper. A mono box set is coming my way as a graduation gift. Might be adding Abbey Road and Let it be later on, but for now I'm positively spiffed!
Quote: Originally Posted by blackbird NOPE. I still don't know which to get. Any reasons to pick one over the other?(Rebel XS over D40 or D40 over XS?) Technically, no. The Nikon feels to me more rugged, but what really decided the issue for me was handling both: Nikon is miles ahead in ergonomics.
Just sit it out for a year and take advantage of that depreciation. Buying new pro bodies without being a pro just doesn't make financial sense.
or you could have a TOC list, some way to determine what's where. as Duncan mentioned, it's a very niche-market concept. especially if you can keep up some amount of PC-compatibility. then again, within 10 years from now, Sony will come with something new and 'superior', to make people re-buy Kind Of Blue, Dark Side Of The Moon and the White Album all over again, it might as well be analog this time
I wouldn't get an HP if it has their slick touch pad. If you ever use your notebook without a mouse, it will drive you nuts: your finger sticks to it. Thinkpads are great. I would get something like this: SL400 (well actually, I would spend a bit more to be able to pick a matte screen, but thats me).
Yeah, you can theorize about it all you want, but a classic manual camera is just not the same as 'just not using the features'. I consider the 'real camera' comment as flame-bait by the way, such is not needed here. I bet such a camera will generate plenty demand, if perhaps only from collectors. Just watch the discussions about a B&W-only camera: plenty interest in such niche things, and from people that don't mind paying for it. Even the ridiculous D3X has demand man...
Quote: Originally Posted by fureshi i totally agree with you. i really don't need live view or video capabilities. my dream camera would basically be a D300 in a size somewhere between the D50 and D60 with the 3" LCD and a large and bright viewfinder. again, no need for live view or video in this camera but i would also want it to have a screw drive. i can wish but i get the feeling that this is a camera that nikon wouldn't make. this dream cameras...
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