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Never used and only opened the foil to check the contents. Complete, in original packaging: Radiohead King of Limbs CD, double-LP of clear vinyl, cardboard with images. Will ship anywhere (buyers pays shipping) and will consider offers.
Up again because of failed delivery and buyer backing out. If you're interested in this amp just shoot me a PM with your offer!
I know!  It's already showing so much more resolution on the HD580 than I was used to though. The Arietta I had never displayed the difference between my CDP and Ipod as clearly as this thing does: appreciating the NAD a lot more now ;)   I won't do the unpacking thing (kinda looks like all other WA6's anyway), but I will update my avatar in a sec :)
Doh! Thanks... putting so many things up for sale right now, that I'm missing stuff :)
I have upgraded my amp and will sell the Meier Audio Corda Arietta that I have been using for 3 years now. This unit is mint, absolutely just like new, and I have not used it that much because I sadly have not been able to put in more than an hour or two per month since owning this amp. It has always performed well though, and I bet someone else will enjoy it.    Asking 130 Euros shipped and paypalled to anywhere in the world.   I have not traded much on HeadFi,...
 Lol, yeah, I've a bunch of tubes lying around ever since ordering the wa6, waiting to be rolled Anyway, it works now, not sure what did it... Just followed Jack's tips on reinstalling and reconnecting everything... Let me just repeat my reaction to Jack: "I do not comprehend why, because I changed tubes this morning, reconnected it twice, and it didn't help. But now it's fixed. And my god, it sounds wondrous. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "w00t
 Yeah, I did. Jack responded promptly with a couple of things to try, so I'll give it another shot. In a way I'm glad this happened with something built by people like the Woos, rather than something Chinese from EBay...
Left channel does sound nice though...
Well my WA6 has arrived and it's a beautiful piece of kit. Heavy! Love the tubes and the way they light up.   Now if only there was sound coming out of the right channel... Still trying to figure out if I'm doing something wrong, but it kinda looks like this needs to be going back on a trip halfway around the world... crap 
Quote: I would indeed expect a lot of Philips tubes to be available around here but have had no luck finding a seller for WA6 drive tubes. For small niche stuff like this though I have found that Ebay is generally a great place to look. Especially when the USD is weak compared to the Euro you can find great deals and for some reason shipping tends to be cheaper overseas than domestic!      
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