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Hi all, if anyone has this CD repro or has been enough testing, I would like to know:   1-The headphone output is good? It would be to move some Sennheiser HD-800.   2-DAC acting only as a result have? I wonder if musical warmth or is rather cold and analytical.   3-DAC mode only: It is possible to listen through the headphone jack? (PC via USB to DAC via USB with active but listening via headphone jack).   Greetings and thanks.  
Hello, the one who can indicate a shop to me online to buy a Creative Zen 32Gb in USA? I live in Spain. BH Photo has it and sells it but they ask for a sending of the copy of your card by post electronic and this seems to me to be slightly sure the truth. Do you know another trustworthy site that does not ask for this? I have bought often Warehouse 123 without problems, but they do not have the Zen one. Does someone know a similar shop? Thank you very much and...
Zen Creative against Ipod Touch with 32GB of capacity as quality and power sound who is the best? Thank you very much and regards!!!
Up!!! Nobody has a Creative Zen? Please I need urgent response to my questions!!! it is for a gift to a propietary of a Cowon D2 and we do not want to disappoint it with a badquality of breeding player!!!
1-In the Underground? With the strong noise, does it defend itself well? 2-Quality sonorous cold? 3-Radio!!! Good receipt? 4-Duration of the battery? MP3 to 320kps all the time? 5-SD? If you have a SD with several CD recorded in folders can you listen each of the folders independently? Thank you very much and regards!!!
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