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Hi Tom Just sold. Regards. Simon
Pictures added:        
Mint SE6 with Sophia Electric tube.  Can provide pictures is anyone is interested.  If anyone want this with the Grado GS1000 with Black Dragon cable that I have posted for sale in another section then I can do a deal on both together.   Thanks. Simon
Mint condition GS1000 that had the Black Dragon cable fitted from new.  Come in original pizza box.    Thanks.   Simon
I has the same issue with a NOS 5U4G. Humming like crazy. Tried another and the hum disappeared. Simon
Yes I had the premium parts - I figured as I was getting it shipped to the UK I may as well go for broke. I didn't get the stepped attenuator though. I spoke to Drew at Moon Audio and we discussed the best cable to give the GS1000 a more balanced sound and he suggested the Black Dragon. On the WA6 SE the bass is full and rounded and the highs are much less sibilant and generally the overall presentation is nicely balanced. Easily blew away my K701s and I am enjoying...
WooAudio WA6 SE. I'm using that with my GS1000 and they sound terrific. My GS1000s have the Black Dragon cable, but the WA6 is a superb amp and drives the GS1000s very well indeed.
Quote: Originally Posted by rated1975 Covenants 6fd7 fat bottles arrived yesterday and i promptly rolled them into the WA6, in combination with the Sophia 274b. Major and immediate differences between 6fd7 and 6ew7 are increased gain, (now listening around 11-12 o’clock, compared with 12-1 with 6ew7), and the low end has significantly increased, extending lower and louder, creating a tighter, deeper and fuller sound. There has been no discernible...
Quote: Originally Posted by RayfromTX Thanks a lot. How about a Woo WA6 upgraded with the PDPS power supply and the Sophia tube. If I go that route, then I will want a DAC to mate with this setup. Any suggestions there? My budget is going up I guess. I use my GS1000s (with Black Dragon cable) with a Woo 6 SE maxed and it is an awesome combination. Definitely worth an audition. Simon
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