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  I don't dare to say it is as great as the StepDance, it's also my first impression. But it just does the little extra punch (at least on the Denon AH-D600) which I am missing on my Galaxy S3/Note 3/Ipod touch ;) I also didn't to AB with the stepdance, and the StepDance has more power... Also found the first 'small' issue, when you turn the Music, video, games & other media to the max and start using the equalizer music starts distorting a lot, this can be easily fixed by...
I've just received my ZX1 from PriceJapan.   I was affraid about one thing: Will it have enough power to drive my Denon AH-D600 properly (This is what I use as my portable headphones). The AH-D600 is pretty easy to drive, but with my Galaxy S3 and Note 3 simply didn't give the punch.. And this little gem does, it gives the punch like my Corda StepDance does, wow, I am so f.... happy ;)   Just wanted to share ;)
  I was also wondering about the pouch, since I've ordered the ZX1. The only picture of a pouch I could find is on this page: But no idea if this will be the included one.     Edit: I would prefer a 'closed' pouch anyway, with this one I would still be affraid that I put it in my pocket next to my keys while I am in a hurry and not paying attention. But seems a nice pouch for at home or on location.
I really would like to buy those! PM sent!
I really want to buy one but worried about the volume cap, I just downloaded the US and UK firmware updates and did some investigation:   diff -r NWZ-Z1000_V1_21_0001/NW_WM_FW/0001/region NWZ-Z1000_V1_21_0014/NW_WM_FW/0014/region diff -r NWZ-Z1000_V1_21_0001/NW_WM_FW/0001/region/region.prop NWZ-Z1000_V1_21_0014/NW_WM_FW/0014/region/region.prop < --- > 7c7 < --- > 12,14c12,14 <...
I'm also not able to read Korean but at least from the pictures I could determine how the S/PDIF port is used. My D3 is currently at the Dutch customs, so will probably become a quite expensive player, and even worser it will take some time before it will arrive :( :(. I won't make any promises, but if I find some time I will post a short review ;)
Finally found the (Korean) manual, S/PDIF works via the composite cable. See here:   My D3 should arrive this or early next week, can't wait. Didn't order the composite cable, now I did, will be send by regular mail post so will probably take some time.
It works fine with the Musical Fildelity V-DAC..
OK, it took me some time to fix and understand the working of udev. To fix the Transit card in Ubuntu Hardy Heron follow the earlier posted instructions, after that open the following file (as root) sudo vi /etc/udev.d/rules.d/42-madfuload.rules And replace all the contents with the following: # madfuload.rules - udev rules for loading firmware into M-Audio DFU devices # Transit ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0763",...
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