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Stax SRM-727ii with feedback loop mod done by Justin at head-amp. US voltage. Unit is in perfect working order - cosmetically there are two scratch marks on top of the unit plate.    Drives the top stax models (SR-omega, Sr-007, SR-009) models beautifully. Tons of power.   NYC pickup recommended however, shipping can also be arranged worldwide.
Selling a mint Stax sr-007a MKII. This is the "A" Japanese silver color with black pads.  Includes flight case and original packaging.    I am located in Manhattan and pickup is welcome.   I may be interested in some trades, also willing to workout a deal if interested in my srm-727ii (feedback/modded) amp also.
 He's referring to a over 2k flagship, but didn't say sony. Rumor for a few years now is that Sennheiser has a estat in the works to replace the he90 and compete against the sr009.
Will be there
BHSE is like a 1-2+ year wait, 6 months is a pipe dream.   The sr009 may be a tad bit bright for your liking - still I would personally pick the sr009 off a srm727s modified with the feedback loop over any system short of the sr009 with the KGSSHV or BHSE.   I haven't heard the LCDx or LCD3 on the amps in direct question but I have heard them off many high-end systems including the Apex pinnacle ($10000) and have always been underwhelmed ... at least compared to the...
Justin why don't you just move on to making T2 clones for 12k+ and this way you have more time to focus on the smaller number of units being produced.... you know either that or perhaps create back stock 
Looking for a SVS omega headphone stand. Can pay in cash if in NYC/NJ/CT area.   May be interested in other stands.
 Less. The sr009 import price right now is $3,600. Match it with a used srm-717 or feedback-modded srm-727 for around 1500~ and a half-decent dac like the parasound zdac which is selling for around $300... were talking under $5500 for a system that would beat everything short of another more expensive sr009 setup.
323s minimum for the sr009
Will be stopping in and donating - look forward to hearing the 009 finally!
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