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Justin why don't you just move on to making T2 clones for 12k+ and this way you have more time to focus on the smaller number of units being produced.... you know either that or perhaps create back stock 
Looking for a SVS omega headphone stand. Can pay in cash if in NYC/NJ/CT area.   May be interested in other stands.
 Less. The sr009 import price right now is $3,600. Match it with a used srm-717 or feedback-modded srm-727 for around 1500~ and a half-decent dac like the parasound zdac which is selling for around $300... were talking under $5500 for a system that would beat everything short of another more expensive sr009 setup.
323s minimum for the sr009
Will be stopping in and donating - look forward to hearing the 009 finally!
Never been taken out of box, brand new Stax sr-407. Said to sound very close to the sr507 (if not identical) , and best deal in the current stax lineup.  I purchased these a little over a month ago from woo audio, never took them out of the box because I've been awaiting my amp.    Also in chance anyone is interested in a trade, I am looking to buy a beyer t50p.   Pm me to talk details! International shipping is do-able and for those that are local, I am...
Depends, but I think it comes down to the hp1000 and the sr007. The sr009 is the only can in the mix that I haven't heard.   For solo stuff, or small band -hands down the grado hp1000. The hp1000s have a very realistic fullness that the stats just can't match. The lcd2/3 has this too but the hp1000 is much closer to neutral and significantly more balanced... cleaner presentation.   However if were talking big band stuff, i'd probably put the sr007 over the...
  Mossback had both (just sold off his gear for a new speaker system). He claimed both the Bhse and the Aristaeus were beyond excellent with the sr009. He like the bhse better in his system, but could see it going the other way with a difference source.   The aristaeus is also reported to sound excellent with the sr-omega. A few years back a member preferred the aristaeus>sr-omega over the aristaeus>he90 (he had both). While the amp is an evolution from the hev90, which...
If anyone has a odac they're looking to get of their hands shoot me a pm, will pay near msrp.
Looking to purchase a working  condition Dacport LX. Pm with details
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