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Cool, I still need to give the HD650/Arrow combo a time though, lol.
Do you get any noise on the higher gain settings with full sized cans?
"I'll "unlock" something...".  ROFL.
Ogre, you sound like me, lol...I used to be a systems/network admin, and it took LOTS of death metal to flush my head of all the assholery I had to deal with on a daily basis... And yeah, Bay Area FTW!   ~~~~~~~   Regarding the channel imbalance with the ALPS's so insanely slight, and at the lowest volume, that it isn't an issue at all, as far as I'm concerned.  Once you hit the minimum listenable level you can't even notice it anymore.  Also, a few...
Totally...I'm probably the grumpiest, most miserable old bastard on this or any other forum, and your avatar always brings a smile to my face, lol.   Aside from that...Kizune, thanks for the tips, I didn't realize that the stuff scrolled, lol.  Now I have everything working out fine with the Aero UI, and I REALLY like it.  I had completely removed all of the prior installation, and didn't realize that I ONLY needed to replace the music.swf file, but now that I's all...
That's what I'm saying's "stuck" in landscape mode.  I can't get it to rotate at all, and no matter what position the J3 is in when it starts up or when music is selected, it starts landscape.
Hmmm...I still can't get it to work right.  It's ONLY in landscape mode, and I can't get to any other screen (other than dragging the album art icon and having it in the middle or to the left).  No home screen, no settings, anything.  Argh.
Thanks Kizune!  I'll check it out and let you know if I have any probs.
Can't recall off the top of my head, but my old Sonys had the same (stretched) length, and the coiled length was about four and a half feet.
That's the stretched out length.
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