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You can order the flatter pads from Beyer, and yes, they are much easier to seat and seal.  They have switched to them on the T50p as well.  Those fat donuts were awful, lol.
J3 + SM3 (no amp) = awesome.  They play really well with eachother.
Two points regarding the Arrow: 1) Robert's all caught up on back orders and getting ahead on builds, so wait time is less than two weeks now. 2) Regarding power output...not sure exactly what this means, but "With an operation voltage of up to 12V and the best rail-to-rail operational amplifiers (AD 8397) the Arrow is able to drive any headphones <600 ohms with authority. ...The "Arrow" is the only headphone amp to use an automatic power adaptation. The battery...
I agree with amping them...yes, they are designed to be low impedance portables that can be run from portable gear without the need for an amp, but these sound fantastic with one.  Much improved bass response, clean highs (they already are, but amping the phones gives you a lot more "overhead"), and a slightly more forward midrange.  In fact, I am stunned by how much low end bass these phones are capable of...the Arrow's bass boost makes these phones just pound, while...
Why all the butthurt?  I just though it was funny that the J3 was considered to be so bad sounding...fine, the S:flo sounds better than AN UN-EQ'D J3 in someone's opinion...I don't care if someone feels that way or not.  My god, some of you people (violinvirtuoso) need to learn to relax and lighten up.  We're talking about audio equipment, not debating the merits of someone's ancestors.    Oh, and sz1999...your Official Welcome To Head-Fi Welcoming Kit & Official...
Pizza, it's got really easy access, and you can open the zippers on the side where the buttons are if you want, so you can reach in and change tracks, but if you want to fiddle with the touch screen, you're SOL.
  An Acme Sleek video case.  It's for a Flip video thingamabob, but it perfectly fits the J3/Arrow and a little microfiber cloth for screen cleaning.  It's got a double zip and side supports so it doesn't fully open, making it hard for the player to fall out, and you can zip it fully and still have your headphone cable out.  It's super low-profile, no wasted space or size, and has hard(ish) sides, so it's the next best thing to no case at all, and still fits in your...
J3 with SM3's are a great combo.
Ringke case is nice, but since my Arrow arrived, I stopped using it.  I FINALLY found a decent case that fits the two with my Whiplash mini. 
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