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Glad you're enjoying it Plonter!  Hey, is your avatar Swallow the Sun?  If so:
True...the stock buds are really not too bad, compared to literally EVERY other "throw-in" buds I've heard.
  It's not that there is NO difference, it's just more subtle than that.  
  Amen brother...I'm glad SOMEONE around here has the courage to state this.  It's like all the million shades of grey differences between amps...a good amp is a good amp.  It's the feature sets that set them apart.  
  Crossfeed certainly helps, for sure.  It removes the hard right or left feeling of separate channels, and presents a much more natural sense of soundstage.  It's not so much to give a huge "out of the head" sense as it's for alleviating the fatigue you get when your brain is trying to process where sound is coming from, and how it's hitting your ears.  A nice sidee effect can be a larger sense of space beyond your head, but it isn't quite like a surround effect.  There...
And even that is debatable, considering the ridiculous prices people pay for iCrap from Apple...  
SM3's are great, but you're kind of asking for something that you really don't get with an IEM...by their very nature "out of the head" is a difficult thing to reproduce.  I'm not saying it doesn't exist, it's just that it isn't an IEM's strong suit.   BTW, your English is fantastic.
I use the EarSonics case that came with my SM3's for the IEM's + extra tips, but I use a Sleek video case from Acme Made SF for my J3 and Arrow amp.  It's pretty much perfect, in that it is low-profile, fits the hardware and my Whiplash TWag mini to mini (I opted for the awesome Oyaide right angle connectors, and they are a little bulky compared to other right angles) exactly, and has hard sides with minimal but effective padding.  The dual zips are nice too, since I can...
I think the DT880's a little more neutral and flatter sounding, but if you like the sound of them, you should like the T50p as well...think of them as portable DT880's, lol.  They have that same smooth overall charachter, with the rich (but slightly recessed) mids, and very clean and extended highs, but are much easier to drive.  Like the DT880's, they exhibit a lot of control over the sound, but never sound stuffy or boring...I've yet to be able to get them to sound...
I don't see how preferring clean mids and highs means "I don't like bass", but of those listed, I'd go with the Senns.  Also up for contemplation (as it meets your mids and highs requirement while remaining portable) would be the Beyer T50p's.  Mids and highs to die for, yet with ample bass (especially if you take advantage of the J3's EQ).
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