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  No need to ask it AGAIN in that thread, lol...it's already been answered there too.  (for SM3 impressions with the Arrow, just find some of my posts in that thread)  
Black Ringke.  Obviously, lol.
Quote: Really depends on when you ordered...I ordered mine in mid Nov. and got it (item shipped) around Christmas.  Earlier orders waited a LOT longer, but recent orders go from processing to shipped very quickly.  "Processing" just is just Robertspeak for "I have your money, now wait until I get this damn thing tested and shipped out with 99 others".  
Joel, that review ROCKED.  Replied as well...and at some point I'll post some pics too...just not sure which thread (J3 impressions? This one? Your review?  Pics of your portable gear? dunno...).  Also, love the new avatar...that yokel didn't do you justice.
Joel, EXCELLENT review, man.  I really like your style (much like my own), and I think we have a similar taste in music, lol.   I too am loving my Arrow.  Well worth the wait (which is now practically zero, as Robert is caught up on all the orders - just a note for anyone considering onee but put off by the wait times of old).  I use pretty much the same settings as you, but I'm a fan of crossfeed, so I use it on I - I just prefer not feeling my brain stuggling with...
The J3 is great with almost any bud/IEM you can throw at it.  Anything you don't like can easily be EQ'd to a state of bliss.  I get nothing of benefit with my SM3's with my amp (Arrow) on the J3 other than crossfeed and bass boost, but some phones and more difficult to drive IEMs (Ety ER4S, for ex.) do benefit from a quality amp (although the J3 handles even the Beyer T50p and Etys just fine).  I think the E5 would be a step down, sonically speaking, in the chain, but...
...but not the power of suggestion, maybe?   I'm not saying equipment (especially amps) don't benefit from burn-in/break-in, but a lot of what people claim regarding AMOUNT of break-in (in degrees of difference and length of time required) is ridiculous.  Yes, capacitors need some time to burn in and settle down, but we're talking larger ones, not the tiny little values in most portable stuff.  Headphones, absolutely though...but that's a mechanical break-in...
Man Soul...sorry you're having so many issues with the damn thing.  Cowon owes you!
Great thing about the SM3 is...you don't NEED an amp for them to sound great.  For instance, they sound awesome out of the J3 alone.  Sure, my Arrow can do some fun stuff, like crossfeed and bass boost, but it's wholly unnecessary.  All of these things people are describing are due to the sound of the amps, not what it's doing for the IEMs...if you want flat and neutral, well...for one, the SM3 is really neither, and for another...nothing is more flat and neutral in...
Excellent!  We are few and far between, lol.   
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