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The issue is that supposedly Mr. Meier put in dummy circuitry and the like into his amps, that if copied would reveal that the design was directly copied from his work.  Also, Robert at first denied all of this, and was indeed caught out in lying about stealing/duplicating/"paying homage to"/improving on this design.  The Ohman design is public domain, but Jan is adamant that intellectual property was infringed upon.  In any event, all of that is in the past, and...
Lol, thanks...I refused to get drawn into an internet argument, especially over something I really could care less about, lol.
Lol...wish I had.  But god forbid you say something that could be misconstrued as either supporting Robert or saying anything that could be taken as casting Jan in any sort of negative light, and you get pummelled by fanboys and need to beat them away with a stick. 
Keep trollin', Broseph. 
I have the ESW9's, and they isolate fairly well, but nowhere near IEM levels of isolation.  They also are hardly what I would call "detailed" and clean...they DO sound great, but they are more warm and midrangey than anything.  They present acoustic music, strings, and vocals beautifully, have an awesome soundstage (a little forward and intimate), and are very engaging, but sound a little "slow", so for things like metal or techno they are not as good. They excel at...
Quote: No, Shuffle is shuffle...unless it's sheer coincidence.  Never had it happen for me though.
The SM3 doesn't really gain anything by amping them, but like dfkt says if your source is lousy it'll help.  I DO use it with my SM3s though because I like the crossfeed and bass boost options.  If I want to travel uber-light though, it's just the Brothers 3, J & SM.
  What does this do for battery life though?
Arrow + J3 = Portable Badassery.  It's like a little Darth Vader in your pocket.
Weighing in on HD650's vs. SS vs. tube amps:   HD650's are warm yes, so are tube amps...BUT the thing is a high impedence can like the HD650 or Beyer DT880 (600 ohm) requires lots of voltage, whereas lower impedences require much more current. Much of that HD650 veil/dark signature comes from them not getting the voltage they crave. Tube amps are much more capable of delivering the voltage necessary to drive the HD650 to its potential. I loved my HD650/Little Dot MKV...
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