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Cheers s1rrah!  Here's to Robert! 
 Haha!  Awesome!  First round's on Anomaly!  
Jesus Christ, this was the most boring thread I think I've ever read on any forum anywhere.  OP asks a loaded question.  Nobody's answer is good enough until Nerd Camp A goes overly-analytical/technical, then Nerd Camp B counters with overly-subjective/emotional response...anger ensues.  One side speaks in broad terms, the other breaks everything down to grammatical nuance. "Show me the evidence!"..."No, YOU show ME!".  Never the twain shall meet.  Four pages later,...
I'd do that too, but at any given time I have around five gigs worth of podcasts.  Nothing like going from Iron Maiden to BBC's "History of the World in 100 Objects".
Yeah, as in this thread was brought back from the dead after a decade...  
I think that's one of the oldest thread necromancies I've ever seen.  10 years!
Aha!  I asked you about this in the EQ settings thread, and I see you have the answer here...the reason for the lower battery life is the lossless files.  They take a lot more processing power to play.  If you stuck to lossy mp3, you'd get much closer to the 64 hour rating, but in my opinion...why sacrifice the audio quality for battery life, and not play to the J3's strengths, lol?  Other factors affecting battery life are things like touch screen navigation, video...
I'll try your settings too, King...the SM3 seems very dependant on source material and equipment to shine, but curiously enough doesn't benefit hardly at all from any sort of amping.  I don't know if you changed the "width" settings on the EQ or not, but it looks like my settings have a little more of a hump/increase in the lower/mid treble, but we differ widely on the other enhancements.  I will say that I have been using much more MP Enhance lately and I like the... now smell like 94% of dudes in every mall and high school in America, lol.
King, sounds like you've looked at the "J3 User EQ settings" thread ( I'm not mistaken, the last entry in it regarding J3/SM3 was mine...lets take this to that thread, and please, tell me what you don't like about those settings, and lets tinker...I'm not entirely satisfied either, but I don't know what your auditory aim is, lol.  
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