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I went a little crazy with tubes for my Woo 3+, and I'm parting with some backstock.  Outstanding matched pair of rare Tung-Sol 6520's, original boxes, used less than 50 hours. Same date codes (228=1952). Black plates, top getters. High gain replacements for any 6AS7G, 5998, 421A.  Tested by Tube World, Gm 5,000/5,000 and 4,900/5,000.  Asking $150 for the pair, plus shipping, PayPal ok, will ship well packed via USPS flat rate. Please feel free to PM with any questions,...
My first amp .  Purchased in 2008, this is the clear cased model, and does not feature the gain switch. It's served me well over the years, but hasn't been in use for several years now. Absolutely love the crossfeed feature, and a decent performer overall.  A good amp for most IEMs and portable headphones.  If you're on the fence about portable amplification, this is an inexpensive way for you to dive in. Comes with original box and instructions, but does not include an...
I bought these as a three pack of 1 meter lengths of this cable to use as digital coax for my DAC and Monarchy DIP.  I needed two, so one is a spare. This cable works great as a true 75 ohm digital coax!  Features a solid core OFHCC silver plated conductor, heavy solid brass gold plated connectors, and triple layered braided shielding.  These originally sold at around $250 a set new.  I got a great deal on them, so I'm asking $25 for this single cable, shipping included....
I hear no hiss with any of my gear at gain and imp of 0 or 1 (any combo).  Very minor hiss at gull gain on really high (non-listenable levels) volume.
You're not missing anything...just JetAudio and out of date drivers and firmware.  It's all there on the site.
Rockbox is good for poorly implemented UI's, but the J3's is nice.  That said, some of the community-designed UI's, like Kizune's efforts are awesome alternatives though.  I use the standard UI with Aero Music for the music player, as I like the added functionality without having to leave the music player itself. 
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If you are the original owner, you can check your invoice, or just email Robert and ask him.   ALSO - Headstage is now of Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Headstage/149305338452210
It is the perfect "in bed" video player, lol...
Depends on what you want the amp for...crossfeed? bass boost?  Want that without a software based solution?  Also, some phones (not IEMs), regardless of impedance and sensitivity ratings DO need the juice to shine.  Beyer t50p's being a case in point.
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