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Sold and shipped, thank you! *sigh*...gonna miss these.
Sold and shipped...thank you!
I will pay shipping charges, so technically a "price drop"...$25 total!
Price drop! At the very least this is a good set of tubes to burn in equipment with, lol.  
Sold, thank you for the interest and questions, everyone.  
Would definitely sell them as pair now, at $125 + shipping per pair.  Still would prefer to sell the quad, so I am dropping the price for all four.  Thanks! - J.J.
Sorry!  I never noticed that the listing had a reply!  I wasn't ignoring you, lol.   They were purchased on Ebay from a reputable seller in was back in 2008, and I can't find any details any longer, but they were NOS and unused.  The seller listed test data in the listing, including results and the tester used, and in communication with him he guaranteed his results, but unfortunately I never kept any of this info, sorry . He also stated that they were...
I would also consider selling these as pairs, should you decide you wanted to try them but don't want to commit to all four.
SOLD!  Thank you!  I will ship by tomorrow.
SOLD! Thank you very much...shipping out to you today.
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