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Thanks for the replies! I wish I could demo all of them with proper amplification but there's no chance here in Greece. I am also waiting for Tyll's review of the LCD-X at Inner Fidelity. The Focal Spirit Professional also seems promising for a 250 euro closed headphone.
Thanks for your input. I think Audeze might have finally achieved a good tonal balance with the X as well but its imaging and microdynamics might still be worse than the other three.  The SR-007 is well known for its imaging capabilities and its microdynamics being an electrostat and all but its tonal balance might be off and requires KGSS(HV) or BHSE to perform. For the HD800 I'm worried about the tonal balance and the slightly treble emphasis at 6KHz. As for the HE-6 I...
How do these compare in a high-end set up? I'm about to buy a headphone for critical listening, monitoring and casual listening as well.  I'm mainly interested in three aspects.   1) Tonal Balance 2) Imaging and Soundstage 3) Microdynamics   In a conversation I had with a mastering engineer he pointed out these as the most important in a speaker/monitor performance so I thought they must stand correct for headphones too..  
Please send me a PM if you have FS an EU version of either one. Thank you very much!
Hi all! Which one is better for the money? Which one is less coloured and with more power reserves? What about them driving the 4070?
Any suggestions from experienced members? Which of those come closest to tell you the truth? SR-007, SR-009, SR-4070, Qualia Q010, HD800, T1, HP1000, K1000, LCD2/3, HE6, UERMs, Hidition NT-6
Hi all,   I want a set of headphones as flat, realistic, accurate and detailed as possible for mixing and mastering applications. I was thinking something in the lines of HD800, T1, LCD2, SR-007 and 4070. Any suggestions?
Hi all, I just want a set of hi-end cans for my home studio for critical work. I was thinking about the SR-007 since these are according to reports very accurate and revealing. Any other ideas? The SR-009 were also considered but are out of my budget right now.. Thanks
I think that now is time for some impressions....anyone?
kiertijai i'm very interested in your impressions with a T2 or a BHSE! Please don't let go of any Stax headphone until you listen to it with them! According to members who have heard both the SR-Omega and the SR-007 with the BHSE or the T2 find that the later is a more neutral and less colored superior headphone! Spritzer can confirm! 
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