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But one's subjective preference does not. Nor does one saying vinyl sounds better to them. In those respects, science is ambivalent and should not be used as a cudgel to beat up on such
Last year's news. Susceptance is where it's at, baby!se
Oh, whew! Had me worried there for a moment. After the moon landing hoax was exposed, you have to be a real idiot to fall for this stuff
You don't actually believe that do you?se
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Was wondering when you'd chime in. se
No, it's decidedly irrational. Just that it doesn't matter when it comes to subjective enjoyment.Digital beats vinyl by a wide margin on virtually every technical metric.You just need to come to grips with the fact that you prefer vinyl because of its flaws, not in spite of them. Something which audiophile vanity and ego just can't do,
Yes. You're missing the bigger picture that we're talking about a circuit.Go to the link and look at series resistance.Eliminate R3. Then move R1 to the return line down below R2. R1 represents the resistance of one wire and R2 represents the resistance of the other wire. Although now the two resistors are "next to each other," just like the two wires are "next to each other" in the cable. But in terms of the circuit, they are still in series.Don't feel bad. I had a bit of...
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