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Yeah, they don't have that resonance in the low end like dynamics. As jcx said, or those are virtually purely
No problem! Good luck! se
Might want to talk to Ted at Headphone Lounge. He's often up for a challenge. se
Move around? If you move around you're obviously not an audiophile. You must sit, motionless with your head locked in the sweet spot. Anything else and you might as well just get a Bose. se
It's certainly possible if the cable's long enough, or is particularly poorly designed. But you'd really have to go out of your way to do that.As for people's subjective impressions, they are what they are for a variety of reasons, not all of which necessarily have anthing to do with the cable. But this isn't the forum for discussing such issues.Basically, you can take two approaches. You can go with what sounds best to you regardless of what reasons may be behind it, or...
Depends on the length and construction of the cable. Every cable has a certain amount of parasitic resistance, inductance and capacitance. How much depends on the length and construction. There are basically two areas of concern. The first is inductance and capacitance. These are the two factors that make a cable what's called a "low pass filter." This means that the cable passes the lowest frequencies, all the way down to DC, but will gradually roll off high frequencies...
I think there may already be patents that are broad enough they could cover this sort if thing. I'd be careful. se
Just as "sex sells," so do numbers. se
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