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And I don't think my not being able to see smileys was a coincidence. Happened the same time I saw Rossliew's post about images. The smiley problem cleared up pretty quick, but I think they were related somehow. se
Great! se
No idea. Let me see if I can get this thread moved over to the right forum so it will be seen by those who try to solve these sorts of things. se
Strange. I assume you're not having the problem anywhere else? Just here? se
I just shut down and powered back up and now the smileys are working. Weird. se
Actually it should go in Feedback & Bug Reports but I'm having the same problem using iOS 7 on my iPad. I can see images, it's the smileys that don't display. se
Get out of here. se
A male/female 4 pin XLR pair weighs in at just under 3 ounces. Not terribly heavy but certainly would put added stress on the 1/4" plug/jack. What they mostly are is clunky. A sizable piece of metal just looking for something to bang into and scratch/chip/dent. Another reason I have no love for "balanced." It leads to abominations like 4 pin XLR (or much worse, dual 3 pin) to 1/4" adapters. se
Ha!I'd had the idea of building a solid state amp like that. Have it bristling with tubes and transformers, but all of them non-functional. Really lay it on thick about how it's the greatest tube amp ever built, barring no expense. Then at the end of the listening session, yank all the tubes (while it's still playing) and ask "How's it sound now?" se
The lower court rulings are moot in light of the Supreme Court ruling.You said "The case went all the way to the US Supreme Court, which vindicated Bose." Anyone reading this would come to conclude that Bose prevailed in the Supreme Court. They did not. I just wanted to clarify
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