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Apologies for slightly veering off topic:Can anyone compare the KC06A to the Vsonic VSD1S? I like the Vsonic's but find their imaging to be wide-ish but kind of uncentered-like they kind of feel all over the place. Comment liberally please.
Can anyone who has experienced both give a side by side comparison of these two? I have the Brainwavz M2, and while they are fun, I don' really want or need an IEM with a similar profile, but would like to try out something decent from the viewsonic line. Thans
I have a maddening love/hate relationship with these things. As ear-buds of course they have zero isolation-which is to be expected, and really doesn't work for living in NYC, yet when it's quiet, i really like them. I can hear details that I can't hear otherwise (even with the Etymotic MC5's) and they have an airiness that I really like-The bass is really heavy-handed-but I can deal The question is: Which iem has a similarly airy-spacious feel?, or is it that the...
Does anyone know how these compare to the GR06? I have the Brainwavz M2, and find that they're OK w/ comply tips and turning up the treble a bit. The bass is still kind of bloated though...  
Has anyone tried working out in these yet?
Ety MC5's with Comply T-100 tips.
I run with the ety MC5's, and while there's a bit of microphonics, I use the shirt clip they come with, and it's really not too bad.
Even though this thread is a little old-I want to tell you of how I won the battle with the M5's. When I first tried them, not only could  I not get a seal or a decent fit, they were really uncomfortable.  I finally settled on the large triple bi-flanges and learned how deep they needed to go in my ear , and I was starting to see the potential that these iem's had for detail, especially with acoustic music, though it still wasn't  optimal comfort wise. I got the comply...
Can anyone compare the M3 with Apple ADDIEM's?  Thanks.
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