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I'm so eager to read a thorough comparative review of Andromeda with SE846 / K10 / Layla.   Something in-depth and all-encompassing.
Bummer! Just discovered that the cable is not detachable. It's not likely that I will by them.
I have UE Custom 11. Ears changed a bit as I lost a lotta weight and cans are leaking. Have had it with custom drama. Need a solid universal on grounds of SQ first and last. I have Senns IE800, Shure SE846. The former is TOO low; the latter has a very strong Shure signature and its highs are rolled off (I don't want to remove the shaft from the shells). I also have Sony XBA-Z5 (not bad for the price).   I need to know what are the best universals now irrespective of...
I connected the zx2 player to the PHA-3 using the analogue cable (line in) and I get the sound from XBA-Z5 only with the factory provided cable (normal stereo not balanced). When I change the cable with the balanced one, I won't get the sound :( I inserted each plug into the stereo terminal and the channel of the headphones worked fine - so the balanced cable is fine.   Any solution or is my PHA-3 faulty?   Thanks
Got mine from Kaneda (The awesome vendor PJ) just an hour ago. I like it quite a bit but one issue I no like ;( The panel of sound control (on the settings' list) still interferes in the sound when I use PowerAmp. In other words, when I play music through PowerAmp and set the EQ to my liking, this dose not supersede the functionality of the master sound control of the player. This makes it complex and I'm technically challenged big time. 
Are you using the stock player? Have you used ZX1 with any of the EQ/Player apps, such as PowerAmp?
Can I download the PowerAmp I had bought for my Z1070 to F-887 and ZX1?
Yup, I'm still here in Dubai.BTW, I shortened the cable to carry the headphones around :) It's not bigger than what I see on the train and streets. Cheers
 Thanks, Berkova :)
  iPod Touch 4 with the Equ app + SE846 = Not bad at all.   iPod Touch 4 is not to be sneezed at.
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