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i'll try it out.. this works out the buttocks too right? i need to lose my beer belly.
"Pho dac biet" my alternative to fastfood.. soo good.
I own both the d2 and the zune and i prefer the zune.
wow that's some excellent work.
stolen from engadget :O
i own a sansa clip. It's SQ is one of the best daps can ever provide. i would recommend the fiio amp just because of how cheap it is.
Real world usage.. hmm Well everyday i go to school at 8.. so its a 30 minute bus ride.. i have a jumbo amount of spares (stupid school).. so i have 2-3 spares most days.. thats about 1-3 hours usage depending if i'm studying or hanging out with friends. waiting for the bus and bus ride home can take from 30 minutes to an hour or so. All in all i use around 2 to 4.5 hours of daily usage. Depending on if i watch some videos on my zune.. i can use my zune for 4-6...
Quote: Originally Posted by zip22 kick AZZ, or finally putting in things that should have been there from the start? a little of column A and a little of column B perhaps
well.. if you're in an office environment.. then go for it. DAP's are usually for portable "on the bus" type situations.. the boa's dac is very good as i assumed you already tested it with your computer. I would get a netbook with : a SSD HD and that has 2 sd slots (so you can put 2 16gig sdhc cards for more memory) or A 80 or 120 gig 2.5 inch hd. That's what i'm going to do when i get some closed headphones and a netbook for my studying in the library's. I'll...
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