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well hmm i would of thought getting an eee pc meant being portable and on the go. i would try to get a portable dac/amp like the d2 boa.
Zune for my vote
Wow, such a nice setup!
In terms of the selling charts.. having a 240gb ipod would be ... a lost cause. imo. Lack of market.
Zune for me. I got the zune 120 on the days when walmart thought it was cheaper than the 80. so got it for 199 instead of it's original price. Though i prefer the zune sound a whole lot better than my ipod. It's much more richer and full bodied than the ipod imo. The only thing the ipod has is a clean LOD which isn't a biggy if you've don't got an amp. Though i still have to test the ipod/amp sound. ( i haven't bought an lod for my ipod, but i've got a d2 boa that's...
Quote: Originally Posted by boozcool Sanza was ok, but not in the same league Haha... i just got to laugh about this statement.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto what headphones are those? Sennheiser HD25-1 II The next headphones i'm going to purchase.
whatever sounds good to your ears. Best sound is subjective. though i prefer my zune 120
just rerip your flac to wma lossless.. same compression rate (take a grain of salt) and practically the same size. Still lossless. I'm loving my zune 120 right now. Couldn't get any better if you don't mind the lack of EQ. But the zune sounds amazing though. btw the clip's SQ is amazing. good choice for a beater player.
Wow that color looks great!
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