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looks great for what you spent. 9/10 (based on price) since you spent 400 dollars on everything.. portable and home. Plenty of upgrades to go on from there. - SQ hd 555's 6/10 in my scale while NE-8's are unknown to me - Satisfaction * It depends what you listened to before wearing the 555's.. if it were buds then it would be a 10/10 improvement. if it were sr60's.. it would be the same - durability ( 2 years is hopeful, but i doubt you'll win against your temptation...
er.. other: panasonic rp-htx7
well i tried the hd 555's , have a zune, and have a d2 boa.. So i'm pretty much who you're looking for..haha you will know a HUGE difference in sound when you hook up your hd555's to a boa. it's great. They should power your sens up very nicely. I'm running hd 650's with my d2 boa and they're great together (although i know i'm seriously not pushing the 650's to their true potential) unless your hd 555's aren't the 50 Ohm version, they should be powered adequately .
gahh.. trying to find a closed headphone that's balanced.. it'll be hard to find .. but try to see if you can find used hd-25's. I not sure but correct me if i'm wrong. hd-25's are pretty balanced from what i remembered.
zune if by itself ipod connected to an amp via through LOD though i have a sweet spot for zunes
you can also get a portable amp/dac for your netbook if you want to upgrade on SQ. I always wanted to get myself a netbook just to play fallout 1/2 during school. my other laptop is too heavy with all the textbooks i lug around -.-.
you'll need an amp to power those bad boy's up. Fuze is an excellent candidate for a neutral sound though.
I need 2 daps.. 120 gig zune for library 2 gig clip for new stuff that i found and am to lazy to tag them and gym rig. Combo does do nicely
if only i had the money. i'm broke from christmas/gf .. woot -.- And yes it does look pretty sexy
Quote: Originally Posted by Dublo7 That D2 Boa looks fantastic. I can't seem to find one for sale though. i don't think they go on sale :P. But you can try to find them on the sale forums. I really enjoy my boa. Now if i only had an eeepc i would be set.
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