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Found one, thanks
SOLD Please delete
Hi, I'm looking for a small LOD so i could stack my ipod on top of my d2 boa without it having too much of a problem. Something cheap would be nice. Please pm me with pictures of the cable. Thanks
Hey guys, I'm i bought this when i just came out.. so around last september. I've put a case on it right away so there aren't any scratches on it. I would like this trade this with a 120 gb ipod although would be willing to go with the other high capacity ipods plus cash. I'll be also selling this for SOLD CAD +shipping And now for some pictures
wow your post goes everywhere.. anyways, i'll try to produce an answer from all this.. Good choice on your first iem btw. well as you can hear.. Sources sound different.. Obviously your notebook will sound different than you touch. (they have different dacs as well as internal amps. These phones actually sound like? I don't know.. As you put a lot of thinking into this with putting down your eq settings.. we have no idea how your next iems should sound (as we don't...
Re2's are weak in bass quantity but shine pretty much everywhere else. I had them since the group buy. Although the cords are beginning to split and the filters has gotten off -.-.
Quote: Originally Posted by Redcarmoose 3-----You know you can not get your Accord to go as fast as a $100K sportscar but can get your $5K system to sound like $100K if you get just the right pieces and tweek it just right. woot accords ftw. when you go on this website everyday while thinking of your next audio upgrade..
Quote: Originally Posted by mierenneuker hope it's my last purchase because I'm only 17 and can spend my money way better hope that's true.. btw.. love pendulum!
Quote: Originally Posted by my.self the hd555's really arent portable at all. They aren't but that won't matter since he'll be using them at home.. :O
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