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I purchased an LOD from nicholas on the jan.16/09. Communication was great and shipping was fast. Would do business with him again. A+
x2 I would suggest the sansa clip... It's so small, so cheap... yet so good. It's awesome with the pk3's.
Hi i'm looking to either sell or trade my HD 650's. I have bought them last year from M3NTAL last year in july. The phones are in the same condition as I bought them. The only thing that's tarnished are the usual chipped paint (on top of the headband) and the outer case sleeve for the box. Everything else is in mint condition. The previous owner hasn't had much listening but I've listened to these bad boys for well over 500 hours so burning in is no longer...
I'm thinking of going the IEM route and am wondering what my hd650's match up to other high end iem's. I know Iem's will never amount to the same sq as a full size headphone would, but I would like to sway to this path since it's a lot more portable. I'm actually looking to trade my Headphones with a pair of IEM's to soften the blow to my wallet. So I would like to see what kind of iems are of equivalent value to the HD650. Thanks
Oh i can't wait to case up my ipod connected to my D2 boa via LOD. Then i can proudly show how my wallet is always empty.
I just use Mp3tag and tag it myself... Such a lengthy process but it does work.
I remember when i first bought my sr80's.. someone recommended me eric clapton unplugged. Soo good.
The RE2's have quite a bit of soundstage from what i heard from my pair. I haven't heard the er6i's but i can tell you the RE2's are very good at the price they're at.
Herb bought my 120GB Zune. He was responded fast and paid me very quickly. Very nice to deal with. Thanks again Herb.
yea i definitely need to upgrade mine since my cables already splitting. something under 200 CAD would be nice
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