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ahh so many options to choose from..though it'll be hard for me to choose the re0 since i already own the re2's (even though re0's are in another league). I would like to try out the other two headphones.
what? Good idea! Time to make a poll.
trade my hd650's for your westone 3s? haha If i get the funds, i'll for sure buy the audeo's.. in due time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Headphile808 ^Very Nice Rig Tomikans, Phonak Audeo PFEs seem to be the one getting a lot of attention as of late. I'm looking for a IEM upgrade as well, and these have definitely got me interested. And at $139, they're a very good deal. Good Luck. Aloha Headphile808 Thanks guys. A couple hours venturing to random stores and i finally found the perfect case for my ipod.. yeah i was thinking of getting them but i...
skullcandy ftw... Just kidding.. My vote goes to the 530's
from zune 120 to ipod 120 with LOD oh yeah amped with an upside down d2 boa. Time to get replace my RE2's with something more amp worthy.. haha
Quote: Originally Posted by Calexico Are those the RE2s? Or RE1s? It would seem like a bit of overkill to be using that with RE2s. Those are Re2's.. and that used to be my exact same set up.
I would think lossless is lossless and it doesn't matter what kind of codec you use in terms of SQ. It just depends on which device you're playing on which codec to use.
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