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Woot i just got my phonaks now! I'll write my impressions later after some burn in time.
I could of got my phonaks but i wasn't at home. I'll pick them up at fed ex. Ahh fees hurt.. 30 dollars -.-
i always thought your nose and ears never stop growing :O
Woot! Shipped today at noon.. Hopefully i can get it before 2 weeks and the fees won't be too much.
Pk3's.. yay Best earbud i ever heard.. i'll get the pk1's after i get my PFE's.
i envy my gf's pk3's...
hmm well i pulled the trigger! damn head-fi.. cost me 150 USD .. woo Time to sell my well used RE2's now to soften the blow to my wallet.
woops double post. please delete
err you guys!! I sold my other headphones to save up for other high end IEMS. but i guess i'll save some molla and buy these PFE's everyones raving about. Definitely an upgrade from the RE2 correct? Do the PFE's benefit from an amp? I currently have a d2 boa thats why. Quote: Originally Posted by Feather225 it only costs round 100 though... What costs around 100? the HD650's or the Westone 3's??
After the long wait and the deals .. This thing is finally SOLD. Thanks and sorry.
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