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Every Dap i owned.. i found pros and cons for each of them.. Samsung P2 Pros - Good SQ, Awesome Eq Option, Cool Options, Nice, light, solid Feeling, Screen is nice Cons - Slow to the touch, no gapless, 16 gb isn't enough of space for me Sansa Clip Pros - Awesome SQ, Drag and drop, Super duper small, Flac! Cons - Gapless (keeping this thing because it's pros outweighs the cons) Zune 120g Pros - Really Good SQ , Big Screen, Felt like a brick, controls are nice,...
I don't think you can find any decent headphones in that price range if you're looking to buy them from brick and mortar retail stores.. Get some nice RE2's at head-direct... or PFE's if you don't mind paying the extra 25 dollar fees (which i didn't mind at all). Both people provided me great service along with excellent sound quality. Shipping was faster than i expected when i bought the PFE's..
Big love for the pk3. Oh so good.
the thing about IEM's and gyms for me is that it's hard to keep a good seal when you're moving around a lot. Sure IEM's are good for stationary machines and hand weights but jogging for me.. is kind of a chore. From personal experience.. i would recommend Koss ksc75's or some nice pk3's.. Isolation at a gym isn't really needed and gyms are loud enough for people to not hear your music unless you blast it to eleven (which i don't recommend) If you really want nice sound...
Oh zune.. how i miss your Sound Quality.. Zune trumps SQ compared to ipod.
griffin reflect! =D
i go with apple. I can't live without gapless since most of my music composes of trance albums. Nothing kills the feel like having 1 second gaps during a trance session. I really like the ipod LOD (don't know if it actually helps but it does make my rig look smexy), and huge space was a big factor to me too. Although i know the ipods SQ compared to other DAPs are lacking, but i got a portable amp. If i didn't have a portable amp and the zune didn't have any playback...
Ahhh my next purchase! Hopefully my PFE's last me another year.. Pk1 vs PFE anyone?? haha
i always dance when i'm waiting for the bus
Quote: Originally Posted by dfkt Some do (SE530, SF5v2), as weird as it appears, but the PFE certainly have no burn-in time - only your brain needs to get accustomed to them. Woops.. i meant "mental burn in" ..haha From what i'm hearing right now, the pfe's have piercing high compared to the re2's. I'll try the filters in a bit. Edit: Wow. The black filters boosted the bass and tamed the highs.. but it seems that a little detail has been lost
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