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HD650 with outer and inner hard box (this is the version from about 3 years ago before they changed packaging). comes with original and XLR terminated balanced sheathed mogami. Shipping free in conus. $350 plus PP fees.   Sennheiser hd650 in very good condition.
anyone here with an LD Mk 9 to part with? Conus here. thanks
Looking to revisit the LD line. My OTL Figaro 336SE with TS 5998 and Sylvania bad boys have been great. Now want to compare with OCL using similar tubes.   I am in Conus. LMK if you have an LD Mk9 to unload. thanks.
 Try this on a darkvoice 337 with good NOS tubes. Heaven!
This DAC started life as an "upgraded" D2.5A Zhaolu. I have compared 2.5A and 2.5C and preferred this version for its musicality. It was around $225 back then if recollection serves me right. From the DAC board, the Zhaolu provides balanced digital outs. I then purchased the zapfilter II from LCAudio for about $275. this is the newer version with upgraded power resistors on the PSU. Zapfilter II is an analog output stage with discrete components providing both SE and...
yes, these various chips have tremendously improved. there is no doubt about it.   however, for some reason, the older DACs sound more musical to me. warmer, less analytical, more analogue, etc......
my modified DAC, based on CS4398. Balanced and wonderful analog stage.     Highly Modded Zapfiltered balanced Zhaolu DAC
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