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defintely a (good?) conversation piece....
wow! amazing.... thank you for sharing.
you mean 6AS7's? yes, they can.
Ken rads are sold
Do you have balanced headphones? HD650 and HE-5LE If not, are you looking at balanced headphones or a balanced amp in the future? always looking for something better.... For balanced headphone output, how important is it to have dual three-pin XLRs as well as a 4-pin XLR? definitely 4-pin is better - much easier cable handling.... but sometimes testing new cans is easier if you have 2x3-pin flexibility For a balanced amp, how important is it to also have...
  RCA black flat plates - $20 for the pair     Ken Rad - black flat plates with copper rods - $40 for the pair     Tungsol "Mickey Ears" - $30 for the pair     GE - flat plates - Side d-getters - $20 per pair - 2 pairs available     Tungsol - tall glass top getters - $25 per pair     Sylvania - T-plates - "Bad Boys" designation - $80 per pair     All tubes test very good to NOS.
I also have ACSS cables for additional $$ is you need it. This is the DIR9001 version NorCal here.
all test very, very good. price per pair is $20 plus shipping in conus.
I am in conus (NorCal). thank you
  On Hold Pending Payment
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