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Besides storage, what were the differences between the 32 and 64GB versions? I haven't been keeping up, and I have no idea what features come standard with the devices.
Yeah, so. I have a Bachelors of Business, and I'd only need 30 credits in my state to sit for the CPA exam. From what I've read, my avenues are either take the upper level accounting classes as cheaply as possible (online distance learning from an accredited non-profit like LSU) or try for a Masters, which I can't afford and would require me to take the Accounting prerequisites anyways. None of the schools in my area are recruited by the Big 4 and the like, so it's...
 Lyle McDonald is someone I'd classify as relatively less full of it I'd start with the article section on the main site.
Yes. Yes. I can verify that the chart is exactly as you'd think, and will agree that it's quite accurate with regards to most everyone suspicions, barring certain expectations.
 He was the bomb in Phantoms yo. Okay no he wasn't, that film was... just bad, and not even in a campy sort.
Mind. Games. Did you never watch that Ben Afleck movie?
It's obvious to the naked gun that you're a shill mr. purrin. By portraying the X as less than favorable to the 2.2 but at a heavy premium, it will influence wide-eyed consumers to think that the 2.2 must be an incredible, borderline orgasmic value in relative. No wonder you were stripped of your wings.
I once had a friend named becky who snorted treble at a party. She died.
 Is it possible that the LCD-X was created an intentional homage to The Great Gatsby? 
All black enclosures. I'm calling it.
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